Den Building {The Ordinary Moments}


Den Building


We are slowly returning to normal after the Christmas madness, all the decorations are down and the new toys have found places. I always think it is quite nice as the weeks go on that you get the excitement from those presents that weren’t quite the big hit when they were unwrapped. As a parent you buy them as you know that they will be used with great enthusiasm over the year even if they aren’t the ones to be played with instantly. One of the presents I was most excited about was a den-building kit and I’d had it hidden away since the summer. Finally once a few of the decorations were down and there was a little more space we built our first den. As soon as it was up they all scrambled underneath it so we filled it with blankets and cushions, their favourite teddies and books. Quite amazingly they all sat it in happily reading for longer than I imagined possible!

I stepped back to take a quick snap of them all quiet, looking over their books with Daddy. It’s not a great quality photo but I love the way they are all close together and the joy of just being under a bit of fabric! Before I had children I had ideas in my head already of the things I wanted to do with them; the special things I remember from my childhood and this was one of them. Me and my brother used to turn our dining room into a den, turning all the chairs round and pegging a bed sheet to them. It was the perfect way to spend school holidays and rainy days. We would fill it with our favourite treasures and eat our meals in there; so simple but so much fun. The boys’ den stayed up for a couple of days and it won’t be long before it is constructed again; it’s so sweet to see little faces light up as they all sit together in their own little hideaway.





  1. How lovely!!!! What an awesome present. I am intrigued what constitutes a ‘den-building kit’ though? Does it just make it safer? They will get so much fun out of this over the years to come ️xxX great present buying Mummy

    • Ha, it does sound quite technical doesn’t it? It just has some hooks, clamps and suckers so you can attach the den canopy to windows and tables. Makes it easier to build a den in our little house 🙂 xx

  2. Life at the Little Wood

    I am so jealous of their den! 🙂 What a fab present idea – I think all kids love the notion of a wee secret space, don’t they? And you are so right – the simple toys often last a lot longer than the flashy plastic ones that occupy all their attention at first! Happy New Year lovely xx

  3. Oh what a fantastic present – but definitely one that needs a bit of space to put together!! They do look like they’re having a wonderful time and I’m sure you’ll be coming across dens all through the year!

  4. It is definitely bizarre the joy a bit of fabric can bring. We love building dens here as well but I think I need to invest in some more blankets and things as we don’t have very many, I want to make it cosy and snuggly. I have such fond memories of doing the same as a little girl too. The den building kit sounds ace- I haven’t heard of one of them before! x

    • It is weird how they all flock towards it as soon as you start to make one, the kit is pretty good because it has clamps for tables and suckers for windows. We haven’t got much space so it helps make the den without destroying the living room! xx

  5. I love the idea of a den building kit. I bought O a little rocket tent from Aldi and he loves it, keeps making me go in it with him whilst we fly off to the moon (and then head straight back!) xxx

  6. Funnily enough, I helped the children make a den for the first time last week. They loved it and have asked to make dens every day since! I also have fond memories of it from childhood. Your picture is beautiful! Lovely way to start the year x

  7. Building dens are such a great activity to do aren’t they! We loved it too when Annabelle was little enough to lie in them and babble happily. Now, now we have to wait a little while longer for her to bust out of her DESTROY EVERYTHING stage before we can be knights and astronauts in our little dens again! x

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