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One of the reasons I love joining in with Heledd’s My Captured Moment is that it makes me go back and look through our old photos. So many we have that we don’t print or even look at all that often, at the end of each year I make a photo book with my favourites in but it is so rare to have an actual print out of one of our family photos.

This week I’ve chosen one of the few that is actually in print on our wall and is will always be one that I treasure. It was taken at the wedding of our best friends last year, which was such a lovely day and I snapped this photo at the reception. It wasn’t actually the most relaxing meal; Lucas was tired and grumpy and my mum was coming to collect him before the evening do. Still, capturing this little moment when he was cuddled up to his Dad was lovely. They just get closer and closer as time goes by; so sweet to be able to see.


My Captured Moment


Running in Lavender





  1. Beautiful photo. I can really relate to the idea of kids growing closer and closer to their dads over time. It’s very cute and lovely to witness as time goes on.

  2. Ah this is so sweet. I am so used to seeing my girls relationship with their Daddy and watching it grow, but I can imagine a Father and Son relationship is also incredibly special to watch. I can’t imagine my husband with a boy, but I imagine it would be lovely! xx

  3. This is such a beautiful captured moment and it shows the closeness the have as father and son. No wonder you have it on your wall this is a photo to cherish!

    Thanks so much for linking up to #MyCapturedMoment and for your kind words x

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