Keeping Cool In The Garden

Let me just say that I am most definitely not complaining; I love this weather, I love the heat and the sun and I love being able to get outside but at the hottest point of the day we do generally retreat indoors. It is just that little bit too hot to play outside comfortably and Lucas more often than not won’t wear a hat so I don’t want him to spend too much time in direct sunlight. This has also meant that we’ve been finding different ways to cool down, we’ve already had a little paddle in the car ball pool but this week I made some ice shapes to play with. I’ve seen these all over Pinterest and they are easy enough for even me to make! I just filled some of our plastic container with water and any other waterproof bits and bobs; beads, buttons, plastic toys, dice, sequins and stars then left them in the freezer to go solid. 

One particularly hot afternoon I got a tub out and just let Lucas investigate  He spent so long playing with it and kept coming back when it had melted a bit more and he could get more bits out of it. As the ice melted it left a little pool of cool water than we both splashed in to cool our feet and the little stars were sticking to his hands. When he got to the middle and found a plastic toy dog he was delighted; I even had a little play pulling some beads out. It was so quick and easy to make (as long as you remember the day before) and I just used things I had around the house but have a look on Pinterest as there are some lovely ideas. It cooled us down, kept Lucas entertained and gave us something different to do in the garden.

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  1. i keep meaning to do this but dont have enough room in my freezer again now after going shopping yesterday!i know my two would love to do this too. Lucas is enjoying himself very much – what a clever idea x x

  2. It’s such a quick and easy thing to do and a fab way to keep the children entertained and cool at the same time! Thanks for sharing your ideas with Country Kids.

  3. I have been freezing a lego man every night just in a small tupperware tub. Every morning my daughter rescues him by smashing him on the floor. 10 mins relative peace.
    Your freezer block looks pretty special though.

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