Little Things {The Odinary Moments}



It goes without saying that when the weather is as gorgeous as it has been over the last couple of days we spend as much time as we can outdoors. Yesterday we camped out in the garden. I found a patch of shade for the babies and they were more than happy to sit and watch. Everything was out; slide, sand table, scooter, water tubs, balls, mats, rugs, it was like our own little playground in the garden. Lucas spent the whole day out there from about 9.30am right up until bedtime he just never stopped.

Watching him all day I realised that he can get so much enjoyment from the simplest of things and it really made me notice how much he sees in the world around us that I don’t take in. As we sat having our ‘nic-nic’ he starts to tell me what he can hear, things that all blur into background noise for me; a plane passing over head, the cockerel crowing (we have allotments behind us) the birds singing, cars and sirens, a motorbike even the ice cream van (he doesn’t know what it is yet, just cocks his head up at the tune!) He sees more as well; a ladybird on the window sill that I had stepped over countless times and he wants me to stop and kneel down to look at the flowers. He sits and runs his fingers through the grass and spots little holes in the fence that he can spy through. All these tiny little things that pass me by everyday, brought to my attention by a little boy who makes sure I slow down and see the world through his eyes.



  1. It’s do lovely watching the world through their eyes isn’t it? Z loves planes and can always hear one a mile off. I’m forever saying “oh no I think that’s something else” but he’s usually right!

  2. I love this and was just thinking the same thing yesterday. My little boy hears and notices everything. He Can hear a plane well before he sees it and will spend hours pointing out the different birds in the sky. Yesterday afternoon we both sat on the grass and watched a snail for about 15 mins moving across the garden, something I’d never do on my own but so enjoyable to share that moment with O, he was fascinated! xx

  3. It is so true! They notice everything! I’m going to be sad when my two year old stops pointing our every single digger and tractor because they’ve become the norm to him. It’s so lovely! x

  4. Ah this is a lovely post Hayley, and I do completely agree, life moves at a hectic pace but sometimes if I sit still and watch Mads I realise just how wonderful it is to sit back and watch her for a while. Even her expressions are fascinating! The weather has been amazing hasn’t it? I really hope it stays but no doubt it won’t! x

  5. This is a lovely post – it’s amazing to stop for a minute a look at the world through their eyes. Toby is usually on the go constantly but occasionally he stops and just picks something up and examines it minutely for ages!

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