Living Arrows


Living Arrows 4

What would a lovely summer’s day be without a giant ice cream?! Nearly everywhere we go we take a picnic so we can have an extra special treat while we are out and Lucas can spot an ice cream hut a mile off; a lovely sunny afternoon out at Calderstones Park was finished off with a yummy Cheshire Farm Ice Cream. Plus it is about the only thing that will keep Lucas still enough to allow me to take his photo!


living arrows


  1. Such a cute photo, O has only just started liking ice cream but there’s something so cute about a toddler eating ice cream! Just need to make sure there are wipes on hand for the mess it entails! xx

    • Thank you, I wish I could capture his eyes in better light, they turn almost amber in the sun but he will almost never sit still for long enough that I can get a photo! xx

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