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September is one of my favourite months, every year I can’t help but write about how much I love Autumn. It is the season when I feel happiest, most productive and motivated. I have such fond memories Autumn’s; in September 2011 I had just become a stay at home mum, Lucas had just turned one and was off walking, ready to explore. We had so much fun that year, just us two and I have many, many fond memories. Sometimes he looks no different when we are out walking, still in wellies and a rain mac, still collecting the leaves and splashing in the puddles. I can remember that year and see the tiny boy I had wobbling next to me, chasing him everywhere. Now he is a little more reserved but sometimes he will still forget about the rest of the world and let loose. Just today he was picking up the fallen leaves and running along, flapping them like wings. So happy and absorbed in him game, so lovely to just stand back and watch.

living arrows


  1. I love September too. As much as I enjoy summer, there’s something lovely about things getting a little cooler, the nights getting a little longer and the slow slide into Autumn.

  2. I love Autumn, too. It’s my absolute favorite time of year. I love watching everything change around me 🙂 Great post!

    XoXo Shea L. —–>

  3. I love this time too, however I am sad to see summer go. It’s been easier with the twins going to places on my own, with the good weather, such as parks and in the garden. However it will be nice to see them kick leaves and then hopefully enjoy some snow when winter arrives!! x Lovely photo x

    • Oh I hope we get some snow this year too, just a little! I’ve found it hard this summer to get out if it’s too hot when the boys are still so little but next year I’ll be hoping it’s nice as they will be up and about by then! xx

  4. It’s funny, today was the first day I really noticed the leaves on the ground and Noah noticed them too, so we had a little kick in them as we walked. It’s the small things that are so precious xx

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