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This is my very first week joining in with a project over on I Heart Snapping called Living Arrows. I have been given a new camera as an early birthday present which I’m really excited to start using more; even though I have been photographing my children ever since they were born I would really love to improve my picturess and learn more about photography so this seemed perfect. Each week I hoping to share a photo that sums up the beauty of childhood. I’m beginning to realise just how difficult it is to capture a photo of Lucas, he never stays still for long enough!

This is just a quiet day in the garden, we had enjoyed a family picnic and Lucas was running in and out of the washing pretending to be a monster. As you can see he doesn’t even sit still long enough to eat his apple. I love how the wind caught his hair just as he got out his ‘monster claws’.

Living Arrows 1

living arrows


  1. Welcome to the Living Arrows then hunny you won’t be disappointed. It’s so much fun and keeps you capturing great childhood moments. Love your photo. Action shot is the best. #livingarrows

    • Thanks Jenny, I’m really looking forward to doing a bit more with my camera. You always have such lovely photos of your children and they will be fantastic to look back on!

  2. Alex {Bump to Baby}

    Oh I love this picture and the little story behind it. I think it’s so nice to capture natural photographs. x

  3. Bahaha this is a great photo, so much personality. I looove watching little kids eat apples! It’s always the cutest. Yay for a new camera! I always tell myself I need to learn more about photography, especially for my daughter. I would have loved beautiful photos of me when I was young but given I was born in the 80s the photos I have of me are pretty sucky haha. I bought a nice camera and so far just keep it on auto 🙁 Good luck with your photography journey!

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