My Toddler Bakes {The Ordinary Moments}


BakingAlthough spending a little time baking with Lucas is completely ordinary it is also totally special as it’s something we manage to do just the two of us; a quick 15 minutes stolen when two little brothers are peacefully sleeping. As soon as he sees me setting up for baking he starts pestering, ‘get chair, get chair’ and he sets him self up in a prime position. He helps with measuring, the mixing and loves dolloping cookie dough onto the baking trays. All the way through this I am constantly telling him he can’t eat the mix…YET! I see him pretend to mix then look at me as he slowly lifts the spoon away from the bowl and towards his mouth then his confusion when I tell him he must finish the baking. Then finally that glorious moment when I have scraped out the last of the mixture, popped the baking trays in the oven and hand over the spoon. ‘Wowww’ is what I hear while he dances in excitement, Β hopping from one foot to the other while gripping the spoon for fear I will change my mind and take it from him. Instead I sneakily run off with the whisks before he can get to them too!




  1. He is so adorable and definitely has the best job of baking, licking the spoon and bowl!!!! Yummy. Hope you baked something really yummy. What a great moment to share and remember. Lovely photos. #ordinarymoments

  2. Oh I love his tartan trousers! How cute is he?! We haven’t really done baking with LP yet, it’s something I want to try soon though – Looks like he loves it! x

    • Thank you but it’s more about entertaining Lucas for 15 minutes and he gets my undivided attention! I’m sure it will be harder when those twins are mobile πŸ™‚ xx

  3. Aww, such a precious moment- we love baking too, but don’t think I could have handled it with baby twins. You’re awesome, mum! And licking the spoon is definitely the best bit!

    • We are so lucky that our twins are brilliant little sleepers so I try and squeeze in little moments with Lucas inbetween eveything else! I don’t get a look in with that spoon anymore!

  4. it is lovely that you and Lucas manage some time alone just the two of you. He looks so cute licking the spoon. My two adore making cakes with me but it is mainly to stand on a chair to add the ingredients and then lick the spoon – they arent too bothered with the actual cooked cakes lol x

    • No Lucas isn’t either! We made cookies and he wasn’t at all interested in them. Your two always look so at home in the kitchen, they must be so used to baking with you. I love having him help out! xx

  5. These are such lovely pictures and a great post too! I have such fond memories of baking with my mum. She always let me lick the spoon and bowl too πŸ™‚ I’m looking forward to when M is old enough to help me with baking.

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