Our Summer – Weeks Three & Four

August 25, 2015


Summer Week Three & Four


I can’t quite believe we are on the last week of the summer holidays already, it has flown by so quickly and I wish we could have more time like this. There is something so nice about all being off together, even when we don’t have any plans. Some of our best days have been days in the garden or even cosy in the house on one of the very many rainy days. I don’t feel quite ready for it all to end yet and for a new chapter to begin. Lucas turns four at the weekend and then will be just a few days off his first day at school. I’m staying firmly in denial about it for the moment and just want to enjoy the last of the summer with him.

The last two weeks we haven’t had as many days out which is why the video for weeks three and four is grouped together. We’ve had some problems with Lucas’ toilet training; I think having the babies come along and toilet training and the start of nursery last year hasn’t made for the easiest transition and we’ve had quite a few relapses. We are finally starting to get there and the last couple of weeks we’ve really been working hard to get him settled so we’ve tried to stay in as much as possible for his sake. The good news is that as he has improved in going to the toilet so has his mood, it has been stressful for all of us but I can see just how much it has impacted Lucas as he is so much happier now! This has meant that he really has been so much fun, even when we are just playing the the house, I feel like we’ve got our happy little boy back!

Back to our adventures; this last week we were able to release our butterflies which had been fluttering around their net house for a few days while we waited for the last one to come out of their chrysalis. I think me and my husband were actually more excited that the children and a couple stuck around in the garden for a little while after being set free. We also had a family BBQ with the boy’ cousins which was a lot of fun, it was probably one of the best days weather wise and it is so nice to have a house full of children playing together.

Summer 3 & 4

Nearly every dry day has been spent in the garden; the boys never seem to get bored of playing out there and now they can all play together it is endless entertainment. Plus, they sleep really well as they never stop! Lucas has been practising big jumps off the slide which is great fun for him but makes me a little nervous when I can see the twins watching on eager to try and be just like their big brother.

We went out and had a picnic at Walton Hall Gardens and a lovely day out in Liverpool going on the newly painted Razzle Dazzle Mersey Ferry and round the Liverpool Museum on the waterfront. This was one of my favourite days of the holiday, the museum has a children’s play area, Little Liverpool, that you can get a free ticket to go into and the boys just loved it. They had so much fun running around in there and were so good that it made for a quite a relaxing family day out, those elusive things that you happen across occasionally.

Have to give a mention to my husband who very kindly edited the video for me this week and was very excited to get to choose the music! I know the boys will miss him so much this year when he is back in work so we are going to make the most of this last week when we don’t have to share him with a class of 30 children. I have a few little treats planned for Lucas’ birthday and the usual annual stress of the birthday cake; hopefully they will be featured in our next video (if it is a success). Hope you enjoy our latest home movie and the rest of the summer.



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