Santa Sing Along at Liverpool Philharmonic

December 23, 2016

I’ve seen quite a few people this year say how December has just flown by and I feel exactly the same. It’s hard when you’re so busy to find a moment to have some festive fun as a family so I was looking forward to our trip to the Liverpool Philharmonic to see the Sing Along with Santa family concert. It’s something I’ve thought about taking the boys to before but I thought that maybe they were a little young last year – this year we were invited along and I’m so glad we were.

The Liverpool Philharmonic Hall is a little out of the town up on Hope Street and it’s such a wonderful part of the city – I wrote a little about it earlier in the year when we visited the Everyman Theatre. It’s full of the most beautiful buildings, running between the two cathedrals, and the Philharmonic is a fabulous part of it. As we walked up I could see they had decorated it for Christmas and it was so busy, full of families. I think it has become a bit of a tradition for some people as I could hear them talking about the year before and they were there with grandparents, aunties, uncles and friends – it was lovely to see.

The show itself is only an hour long so is designed for wriggling little people and I spotted all ages there, we were sat up in the dress circle and had a good view of the stage when Santa appeared. My boys loved the singing, they liked being able to get up and have a dance and I didn’t feel like I had to keep them still. There was a little ‘guess the music quiz’ with different instruments from the orchestra which Lucas really got into. They did lose interest a little with the talking and jokes inbetween songs, that totally went over their heads as they are only five and three, but they soon got into again when we were able to sing along.

Me and my husband both said how Christmassy we felt afterwards and it was the perfect way to lift those Christmas spirits. If you are interested in taking children to the Philharmonic they have some fantastic child friendly events including Magical Musical Kingdom. I particularly like the sound of the film screenings along with music from the live orchestra!

Since we visited Lucas has shown a real interest in instruments and listening out for them in different types of music. I love that they have all had the chance to see some live music with such a range of instruments, and it isn’t often that you get Santa leading the singing so that really made it extra special.

Thank you Liverpool Philharmonic Hall for inviting us along to our first family concert. All words and opinions are always my own.

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