September 8, 2012

I thought I’d start some posts about the books that are part of my life; books  I love, books I’m reading, books I’m reading to Lucas or anything I’d like to read.  I’m such a bookworm, I’ve always loved reading and although I don’t have as much time for it as I used to I have fallen in love with it again now the sleepless nights have passed and I have the energy to read before I fall asleep!

I tend to have several books on the go, something that drives my husband crazy. I have books all over the house and even put back in the bookcase with a bookmark in waiting for me to come back to it when the mood strikes. I just find that sometimes I’m in the mood to read different things. It also usually depends when I’m reading. I probably read the most in bed before I go to sleep, which means I don’t want to read anything too strange.  I read ‘Something Wicked This Way Comes’ by Ray Bradbury before I went to sleep and I had the strangest dreams, obviously too much stimulation for my brain at that time of night! I also like to read a book in the bath (I thought everyone did this, but apparently they don’t!) but if I’m really into something I end up in the bath until the water has gone cold and my fingers have pruned.

I’m hoping to try and fit a bit more reading into my days, Lucas doesn’t have very long naps so I tend to run round and get everything I need doing done in the time he is snoozing.  I would love for him to sleep for a couple of hours so I’d get chance to have a read. I do sometimes manage to catch up on my blog reading though but it doesn’t help my pile of books go down.

When I get obsessed with a book, or usually a series, I find myself frantically reading while Lucas is quiet playing. Not good when I got lost in the book suddenly panic I’ve not heard Lucas and a box of tissues is strewn all over the floor. I did this with the Hunger Games trilogy; I just couldn’t put them down. I even read the final one until the wee hours, something I did a fair bit pre-Lucas but not something I would recommend when you get awoken at six.

I re-read a fair amount so this year I decided to make an effort to read more new books. I think I have only re-read one so far (apart from maybe Fifty Shades, sshhh, don’t tell anyone) and that was ‘The Time Travellers Wife’ by Audrey Niffenegger.  I originally read it not long after it came out and happened to catch the film on TV and thought I’d revisit the book. As usual it was so much better than the film and as good as I remembered. I usually re-read my favourites, Harry Potter, Wuthering Heights and The Hobbit every year. So far I have managed to resist them but I’m sure I’ll want to read The Hobbit when the film comes out. I don’t think I’ve gone a year without reading any Harry Potter since they first came out (I don’t even want to think how long ago that was).

Look out for my future posts about books and please tell me about your reading habits and what you enjoy reading. Let me know if you’re reading anything good, I’m always on the lookout for a new read.

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