Books I Can’t Wait To Read in 2018

February 2, 2018

I started this post with a handful of books that I knew were coming out this year, a couple I had pre-ordered and I few on my wishlist. As I started to have a look at a few new releases I spotted so many more that I’m excited to read this year. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you’ll know that I read a wide range of books; everything from the historical novels, to young adult, fantasy to contemporary fiction. The books I’ve chosen are a real mix of genres – there some of my favourite authors, new releases that are part of a series and a few that just caught my eye. I’m excited about all of them!

The Hazel Wood – Melissa Albert

Described as ‘stunning contemporary fantasy’ this sounds right up my street and already has some brilliant reviews. If I’m honest though I’d buy it for the cover alone. Released – 8th February 2018

Children of Blood And Bone – Tomi Adeymi

This West African inspired fantasy is Tomi Adeymi’s debut novel and it sounds so different. I always enjoy young adult fantasy books but the setting of this makes it stand out from the rest. Released – 8th March 2018


Stories For Boys Who Dare To Be Different – Ben Brooks

I am so excited about this – I’ve already ordered a copy for my boys as it looks wonderful. It seems to be similar to the Rebel Girls books and I think it’s such a fantastic idea that they have done one filled with brilliant boys too! I love Rebel Girls and read it with my children, however, as a mum to three boys I love the idea that they can be inspired by both amazing women and men. This book has pages about David Attenborough, Dynamo and Harvey Milk, I think my three will love it. Released – 5th April 2018

War Storm – Victoria Aveyard

This is the fourth, and final, book in The Red Queen series and it’s one I’ve already pre-ordered. It took me a while to get into the first book but I’m hooked now – reminds me a little of Hunger Games or Divergent and I wasn’t too keen on how either of those ended so I’m desperately hoping this one ends well. Released – 15th May 2018

The Tattooist of Aushwitz – Heather Morris

I’ve just read a little more about the background of this on the Waterstones website and it sounds incredible. It’s based on a true story of a man who arrived at Auschwitz and was given the job of tattooing the prisoners, where he met and fell in love with a woman he tattooed. It was originally written as a screenplay but the author was convinced to share it as a novel too and I’m so glad she was. Released – Out Now

Folk – Zoe Gilbert

I heard about Folk on a podcast and thought it sounded so intriguing. I believe it is a collection of short stories that are based in folklore, set out like dark fairy tales but with modern twists and elements. Another one I would buy just based on the cover but the whole book sounds amazing. Released – 8th February 2018

Legendary – Stephanie Garber

The follow up to Caraval, Legendary is a book I am so excited to read. Caraval was such good fun, a fast paced and exciting book set in an enchanted world. It reminded me of The Night Circus but more of a young adult version. I hope this one is just as good. Released – 29th May 2018

In Search Of Mary Shelley – Fiona Sampson

I have always been fascinated by Mary Shelley, she grew up in such a unconventional environment. She was the daughter of Mary Wollstonecraft who died when she was a baby leaving her to be raised by her Father – she grew up surrounded by politics, writers and poets then eloped at just 16 with Percy Bysshe Shelley. She travelled the world, drafted Frankenstein while still a young woman and struggled with a difficult marriage. In this book Fiona Sampson sifts through letters, diaries and records to uncover the woman behind this life – I think this will be a truly wonderful read. Released – Out Now 

Girls Burn Brighter – Shobha Rao

Another debut novel and this one is set in India and America which sounds different to what I was usually read. What drew me into this is the story is that is is about two girls and explores their friendship and hopes in difficult circumstances. I love the sound of it. Released – 3rd May 2018

A Court of Frost And Starlight – Sarah J Maas

I can’t get enough of these books, they are my very favourite escapist, fantasy reads. This latest offering from Sarah J Maas is set in the same world as the first three but I believe explores different characters. I just can’t wait – this one is already pre-ordered! Released – 1st May 2018

I’d love to hear what book releases you are looking forward to this year, will you be getting any of these?


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  • K&E

    Bookmarking this right away (no pun attended). Love it! Xoxo, K&E

    February 3, 2018 at 3:07 am Reply
  • Tracey Williams

    I love your passion for books Hayley and that you love reading books from different genres. I will definitely be coming back to this post throughout the year. My mission is to push by reading boundaries this year, as for far too long I have just been reading chick lit. Just finished The Couple Next Door which was a real page turner, oh and I picked up the Keeper of Lost Things yesterday in a charity shop for £1 x

    February 4, 2018 at 2:49 pm Reply
  • Gail Brown

    Fab post Hayley, and such a wide variety to choose from. I love the idea of the Boys Who Dare to Be Different book – we’ve been reading the Rebel Girls one and it will be so nice to have something similar for boys xx

    February 7, 2018 at 2:51 pm Reply
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