Books I’ve Read Lately #3

August 25, 2017


Milk and Honey – Rupi Kaur

After I finished this I read a few of the reviews on it and I found a lot of people didn’t seem to like it. However, it seemed like a lot of people had bought it without realising it was poetry, maybe because it was hyped up online. I liked it, I read most of it in one sitting as the poems flow into one another. Some of them I’ve gone back and re read and some genuinely moved me. If you don’t like poetry you’re probably not going to like it but if you do then give it a read, I think it’s wonderful. 

Yes Please – Amy Poehlar

I’ve read quite a few autobiographies this year and this is probably my favourite. I’m a big Parks and Recreation fan so my husband bought this for my birthday. Obviously Amy Poehlar is a very witty woman but the book isn’t all about getting laughs, it can be so poignant and heartfelt too. I love how she isn’t afraid to shout about her achievements as a woman in comedy – she’s done much more than I knew. She also tells stories about the things she’s gotten wrong and the times she’s felt unsure or anxious. As a woman and a mother I could relate to a lot of it and there is a whole heap of nostalgia in there when she’s talking about her childhood. It made me laugh out loud – I particularly love her her ‘world famous sex advice’ chapter, funny and very true! Overall it was a fantastic read and one I think I’ll dip into again.

Eligible – Curtis Sittenfield

I wasn’t sure I was going to like this modern take on Pride & Prejudice. It’s hard when a book you love so much gets modernised, especially a Jane Austen classic. I was very sceptical going in and I was trying hard to resist liking it too much but I just became swept up in the story. It’s an easy read but I loved all the clever little nods to the original, the characters are very much as they should be but set in the modern world with jobs, mobile phones, access to the internet and reality television. It shouldn’t work but it does, I very much enjoyed it.

Spectacles – Sue Perkins

Spectacles was exactly what I imagined it would be, completely charming and funny. I was laughing out loud reading so much of it and unexpectedly shed a tear now and again. The descriptions of her family really made me chuckle and you can just imagine how she would tell these tales. A very personal and grounded autobiography.

Dragon’s Green – Scarlett Johnson

This was the book I received in my Ninja Book Box so probably not one I would have chose for myself but I loved it. It’s a children’s book with a magical story, it looks like it is setting up to be the first in a series which would be wonderful. They’d be great to read with older children but I was quite happy reading it myself, I would definitely read more.

Orangeboy – Patrice Lawrence

I liked this book but I didn’t love it as much as I thought I would. I thought it was a brilliant story and subject but I found it dragged a little and there were parts I just lost interest in. At the end it started to pick up and finished well. I think it would be a good one for teenagers to read but I wasn’t as gripped by it as I’d hoped to be.

The Chaos Walking Trilogy – Patrick Ness

If you’ve read my blog for a while you’ll know how much I love Patrick Ness. However, I started the first book in this series and didn’t get into it straight away, I read a few chapters then put it down for a month. I don’t like the cover either which always puts me off. When I came back to it I ended up reading the whole trilogy back to back, it takes a while to get into as the story it’s so out there. It ends so much better than most dystopian teenage series and it is brilliantly original. As always Patrick Ness’ writing steals the show.

A Court of Wings & Ruin – Sarah J Maas

I feel like I need to make some kind of fangirl disclaimer about these books. I know they are not the best books in the world but I can’t help but love them! What can I say? If I enjoy a book I’ll tell you about it and it doesn’t mean it’s the most beautiful prose or a finely crafted story or that it has an important message; sometimes it just means I can’t get enough of them. Sarah J Maas seems to write books that I cannot put down and I’m well aware I am much older than her demographic and my obsession with them is bordering on ridiculous but it doesn’t stop me reading them. This is the final book in the trilogy with Feyre and Rhysand and although I was happy with the way it ended it still feels like there is more to be told, I still have questions. I believe she is writing more books in this world so hopefully they’ll be as enjoyable as this series. 

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  • Gail

    Love your bookish posts Hayley – you have been very busy on the reading front! I’m reading Eligible just now and really enjoying it. I’ve also ordered Milk and Honey from the library after hearing a lot about it. I do like poetry so hopefully it’s something I’ll enjoy xx

    August 25, 2017 at 1:23 pm Reply
  • Vick Bruce

    I love these round up posts & seeing what you have been reading. I have been a little slack over Summer and I have been reading the same book for ages. I read at night and seem to fall asleep after a couple of pages. I can’t work out if that means my book is actually a little boring 😛
    Yes Please has been on my To Read List for ages – everyone always says how good it is.

    August 29, 2017 at 5:57 pm Reply
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