Gangster School 2: Book Review And Blog Tour

September 27, 2018

Although I often write about the books I’m looking forward to reading at the start of the year I actually think Autumn is the best time to check out new book releases. When it comes round to September there always seems to be a whole new load of books I want to read and this year I’m lucky enough to be a part of the Gangster School 2 Blog Tour celebrating the release of The Brotherhood of Brimstone. 

Gangster School 2: The Brotherhood of Brimstone by Kate Wiseman is a a fast paced mystery tale set in criminal school Blaggard’s School for Tomorrow’s Tyrants. 

Sir Byron’s Brain, a priceless legendary diamond, has gone missing. If it leaves the school grounds, Blaggard’s will be destroyed forever and the head teacher obliterated!
Could the evil Brotherhood of Brimstone – an ancient secret society – have anything to do with it? Best friends Milly and Charlie embark on an adventure to find out. They discover a web of evil plots involving Gruffles, Charlie’s stinky dog, and Wolfie, the robot dog turned invisible superhero.
On top of this, Blaggard’s is expecting a school inspection from the mysterious Dr X – Chief Inspector of Criminal Schools. He could turn up at any time, and no one knows what he looks like.
Time is running out for Milly and Charlie. Will Dr X appear? And can our heroes defeat the evil Brotherhood, rescue their canine companions and save the day?

The Brotherhood of Brimstone is full of intrigue and adventure, terror and trouble. It is so fast paced that I had no problem getting into the story as an adult and I think it would be brilliant for keeping children’s interest. The whole book is very funny; I love the dry humour and the fact these children learning how to be criminal masterminds and taking part in classes for deception, betrayal and fraud. In the midst of all that are Milly and Charlie, who maybe don’t have the same criminal intentions as everyone else as they’ve teamed up to become friends; they stick together through it all solving mysteries along the way. 

This is the second book in the Gangster School series and although I haven’t read the first it didn’t spoil my enjoyment of The Brotherhood of Brimstone. You could easily dive right into this one and pick up the story but I think I may get the first one anyway! It’s so well written, something you don’t always find with middle grade books, and even when the subject should be quite dark the humour pulls it through and makes it suitable for all. 

Overall it’s action-packed, laugh out loud funny and proves that we all need a true friend; especially when solving a mystery in a chaotic criminal school. I enjoyed reading every second of this original tale.

I was sent a copy of this book as part of the Gangster School 2 blog tour, you can read what other’s thought of the book by checking out their blogs below. You can see more about these brilliant books by following Zuntold Publishers or Kate Wiseman over on Twitter.

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  • welliesontheschoolrun

    Sounds fab, Hayley! About the right level for my boys too, I’d think. Hope you are all well. xx

    September 27, 2018 at 11:29 am Reply
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