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May 22, 2017

One of my most favourite things about Instagram is the little businesses you come across on there. It’s such a great way to find small independent businesses for pretty much anything you’re looking for. Since I wrote about some of my favourite Etsy sellers, I’ve hunted most of them out on Instagram which means I am constantly being tempted by all sorts of bookish loveliness. I also came across the wonderful Ninja Book Box and after following for a while decided to take the plunge and order one of their book boxes.

The idea of the Ninja Book Box is to share books from independent publishers alongside other book themed treats and you’ll be able to enjoy a range of genres and new authors. I loved the idea of this as it’s a great way to find something new and pick up a book you wouldn’t usually go for. They have a regular subscription but also do special one-off boxes. Each box contains one mystery book alongside at least two gifts and other additional items. I signed up to receive the Magical Lands themed box; this is the first time I’ve ordered a book box and I’m a big fantasy fan so I couldn’t resist trying this one out.

There isn’t much better for me than a box full of bookish bits and bobs. The book itself comes wrapped up so it’s a surprise – I saved it until last and opened some of the other goodies. There was a gorgeous vegan soy candle, scented Magical Library. I’m such a sucker for book themed candles and this one smells lovely, as soon as you open the tin you can smell it. There was also a lovely dragon bookmark and a cute little glasses charm as well as a colourful print which says ‘books are a uniquely portable magic’. I loved the extra little touches like the dragon fruit seeds and pot and the nutmeg hot chocolate recipe.

Finally it was time to open the book! I was so pleased when I did, it’s a beautiful hardback copy of Dragon’s Green by Scarlett Thomas. I must admit I was mostly excited about the fact the cover glows in the dark, I’m easily pleased. Scarlett Thomas isn’t an author I’ve read before but from the blurb and quotes from Neil Gaiman and Philip Pullman it sounds like something I’m going to love. As well as the book there was an envelope to open last which has a brilliant interview with the author and a few words from Ninja Book Box about why they chose this book. This is a great little extra as I learnt that this book isn’t one that would usually be included as it was only published in April and is a children’s book, however it is a personal pick and there is obviously a lot of love for this author. I’m so looking forward to reading it.

 The next one off box available is the summer box – A Grand Adventure. This box will contain three books however you can customise the book choices so you can pick books for the whole family. I’ve just ordered mine with one adult book, one 5-8 and one under 5 and I can’t wait to surprise the boys with it. If you’re looking for something a little different from your usual big bookshop then this is the perfect way to discover new books.

If you are interested in ordering your own Ninja Book Box then you can use code HAYLEY15 at the checkout to receive 15% off any order over £5 , doesn’t include the subscription boxes.

I bought this Ninja Book Box myself and wanted to share why I loved it so much. However I have recently joined their referral scheme so I can offer this discount code. 

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