A Week Off?

October 28, 2012

Lucas 14 Months

Can’t you just tell it has been half term; my blog has been very quiet! Of course, Lucas isn’t of school age but the husband is a teacher and I’m very lucky to get lots of time off with him when the school holidays come around. As it gets towards the end of term I start counting down the days and planning what we can do in the holidays. However, now I’m at home full time I feel a little bit like he is stepping into my domain; this ‘week off’ has been exhausting! Me and Luca have our own little routines in the week, we have our groups to go to, our own rituals; there is usually a lunch time, tea time (he likes to keep me guessing with nap time). I have got so used to doing my own thing in the day obviously centred around Lucas but still, I don’t have to make plans I can see how we feel and see where the day takes us. James had told me that he was going into work for a morning to catch up on some displays etc. and at the time I had been slightly miffed but while he was out we went for a lovely long walk, fed the ducks and had a very quiet and uneventful lunch.

It has been good to catch up with lots of friends and family and every day we have had someone to see. My list of house jobs for the week has been pushed to one side; we just haven’t had the time. When we have been home the husband has been busy with his homework and school books have taken over our dining table. I think that maybe I should have taken advantage of having him at home and had a bit of ‘me’ time. Selfish but every mummy likes some time to themselves. I managed a haircut and that was it; I’m going to start planning for the next holidays now!

It has been a lovely week and he has got to spend plenty of time with Lucas, which is what a week off is all about, but I must admit I am looking forward to getting back to normal next week when I pack the husband back off to school.

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