Exploring a New Playground – Victoria Park

March 5, 2013

Even though we’ve had some cold weather the last week or so we persevered, wrapped up warm and had some outdoor fun. The hubby was off work which meant I had access to a car so we travelled a little further afield to visit a park with a bigger playground than our usual one. Victoria Park in Widnes is completely new to us but there was lots to do there, Lucas had so much fun!

He started off holding my hand while he explored the climbing frame then grew more adventurous and took off himself. This is great except for the absolute faith he has that someone will be there when he decides to step off the edge of the frame; luckily someone always was! I really enjoy taking him to the playground, he is happy to run around, play with other children and nothing seems to phase him. He is outgoing and always loves to be outdoors, I hope this stays with him as he grows up as I think we all feel better after a good walk in the fresh air. There was a little tantrum when we had to leave but he cheered up when he realised we were going to feed the ducks. He sat happily, quacked at the ducks, giggled at the seagulls and tried to eat the bread.

Playground Collage
The sun had come out but it was absolutely freezing! We were desperate to get out the cold so we stopped at the little cafe there for a pitstop and a hot chocolate. We hope to go back and discover more of the park when the weather warms up, there was a lot we didn’t see and it is somewhere you could go and check out a different area with each visit. It is definitely worth a little explore of your local area to find a new playground. The best thing about this outdoor fun; a good nights sleep for a little boy and his Mummy and Daddy!

Victoria Park Widnes


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  • Coombe Mill

    It has been just as cold with us too but still lovely to get outdoors and makes returning inside so much more comforting when you have been out. Lucus looks delighted with the new bigger playground.

    March 5, 2013 at 8:49 pm Reply
    • Hayley Smith

      As long as the sun is shining we are happy, makes all the difference!

      March 8, 2013 at 9:45 am Reply

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