Our Christmas Decorations

December 6, 2012


I’ve been reading so many lovely posts about Christmas and decorations and it is so inspiring to see what everyone does, you can take little pieces of people’s traditions to make your own. When we were younger my mum would buy me and my brother a new ornament every year; most of them she still has them on her tree at Christmas. Now, when I look at the tree I can spot the personal decorations that she got for me and my brother and it makes me feel at home.

This is definitely something I want to continue with Lucas. As last year was his first Christmas he got a lot of new Christmas decorations from the family so there is quite a few on there now that are personal to him. If we have another baby I’ll have to get another tree! Last year I got him a reindeer with his name written on it. This year instead of buying one, I made him a reindeer decoration from a cute little kit I got from Paper and String. I am so rubbish at sewing so this is quite an achievement for me! We have loads of other little personal bits and bobs on the tree; James’ mum gave me a bauble he made himself when he was little. We also have Jack, from The Nightmare Before Christmas, which we bought for our first Christmas in our own house. I have lots of little wooden decorations because that is what my Mum always had on her tree when we were growing up. Some of my close family and friends may recognise the ‘Victory Horn’ which may have been acquired from our local pub one new year! I love that so many of them have a story behind them.<

I’ve seen some amazing pictures of vintage baubles which I will be on the hunt for next year, they would be great to pass on children. Does anyone else have sentimental decorations or do you prefer a coordinated Christmas tree?

Christmas Decorations
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