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August 22, 2012


This time next week I will be at home, relaxing, after my last day of work. I went back to work part time when my little boy, Lucas, was 6 months and I found it difficult. We had the most amazing child minder who made him part of her family but I still wanted more time with him. When my husband got a new job and we decided to move house too it seemed the right time to make some changes so I could take some time off work to look after our little boy. This has prompted me to start this new little venture of blogging and see where it takes me.

I’ve always loved to write, I have handwritten stories and plays that my mother kept for me, about hedgehogs and fish. Years worth of diaries are still safely stored at my house, reminders of my teenage years that never fail to make me laugh, cry and cringe. I have loved to study English all the way through school and university, it’s always been important to me and I still want it to be part of my life.

This is my first blog and I would like it to be a little outlet for me. I’m completely new to blogging so it’s a work in progress so please bear with me! I hope you’ll find it an interesting read; there will be a little bit about my day to day life, a lot of photography and some ramblings about other things that I enjoy. Please check back soon and say hello.

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