Twin Pregnancy Diary – 18 weeks

August 19, 2013

Another week, another scan! I’m looking forward to seeing our baby boys again and making sure things are ok in there. I love the scans as I can see the babies and confirm again that we are definitely having two! I also feel anxious until we go in and they assure me they are well; I get so nervous sitting in the waiting room and I’m glad that my husband is off work for the summer so he can come along with me.

Also counting down the weeks until our consultant appointment so I can pester them with questions. It’s occurred to me this week that because twins have a higher chance of arriving early I’ll have to be prepared earlier than I thought. Hopefully they’ll stay in there for as long as possible but after 20 weeks I’m going to start to recall the baby bits we have got stored in various relatives lofts and garages to have a sort through. Makes it all seem so much more real!

Apparently the babies will be about the size of a large mango and their movements should be becoming more controlled. I have definitely been able to feel more movements, especially at night, but still waiting for a kick that my husband can feel.

I still feel well and the bump is definitely on show now; the giant pregnancy pillow has moved into the bed. I’ve started to get my appetite back but no cravings to speak of, unless sending people out for chocolate counts as a craving?! My baby brain seems to have really kicked in, I’m blaming double the hormones but it really is terribly noticeable this time round. I really struggle to remember what I’m doing one day to the next and I actually got into the shower last week with my glasses still on! At least it is giving everyone a good chuckle and I can’t see it getting any better.

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