Twin Pregnancy Diary – 21 Weeks

September 9, 2013

Last Wednesday I finally got my consultants appointment; he said I should have seen him sooner which I had thought myself but didn’t like to kick up a fuss. Luckily everything has gone smoothly up to this point and I feel so much better now I’ve met with him. Our twins are still showing as MCMA which means we have to squash in another growth scan so I have 3 more over the next month then they should go to every four weeks all being well. I’ll be seeing him much more regularly from now on as well. He told me I can have a caesarean if I choose to and I’m feeling like that would be my preference. I won’t be allowed to go past 36/37 weeks but there is a high probability that they will arrive earlier than that so any early labour signs I have to get checked out. There is also a good chance I’ll be put on steroids later in the pregnancy to boost the babies in case they arrive early. So far so good so I’m hoping we carry on like this.

Our last scan checked the anatomy and everything is looking good. One of them is starting to get a tiny bit bigger but they are still the same size as a singleton baby would be at this stage…another reason the caesarean seems like a good idea! From now on they are keeping any eye out for Twin-to-Twin Transfusion Syndrome. As both my babies share a placenta there is a chance that blood will be transferred from one twin to another leaving the other twin anaemic and smaller. Fortunately we live relatively close to a great Women’s Hospital so I can be referred to a specialist if need be. They’ll be sick of me in the ultrasound department by the end of this month!

I’ve felt a lot of activity from the babies this week, still not keeping me awake but I am getting some sharp digs now. It can make me feel queasy maybe if they are somersaulting around. Each time they have scanned since 16 weeks one baby is head down and one is breech and on our last scan we could see plenty of jabs from both babies.

Not much has changed for me this week. I do crash sometimes and need to take myself off for an early night. I’m feeling much more reassured knowing that I’ll be seeing our consultant regularly and being monitored. I’m just trying to enjoy this stage while I still feel good, I’m not too big and I can get ready for our boys.

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