Twin Pregnancy Diary – Week 19

August 26, 2013

Very nearly at the half way point and every week that passes is a week that the babies are getting stronger. We had our 18 week scan last Wednesday and everything was good; they checked as much as the anatomy as they could see and will try and check the rest at the 20 week scan. As I wasn’t expecting them to check as much this time I wasn’t expecting it to take so long so as the scan was going on and all was quiet I started to get myself worked up that something was wrong. So silly getting myself in a fluster as I know they have to be quiet to concentrate but still can’t help but worry. The consultant had to sign off the scans this time as one of the twins is quite high and a little squashed but she was happy to wait until 20 weeks to see us so I am happy with that. 

The babies are both 14cm and all the measurements are fairly good considering they are twins. I can feel a lot of movement now from both babies; we were shown on the scan where they are lying and Twin A on my left side was particularly active. We could see his little legs kicking away furiously, thank goodness I can’t quite feel those blows yet! Twin B is the one squashed higher up so he was more confined but we were still amazed to see the arms and legs so clearly. All the sensory development for them is happening this week and they should be the size of a small cantaloupe. 

Not much has changed for me this week but my husband has said he thinks I am showing more all of a sudden. I have felt so happy everytime I feel a little movement, it’s nice to have the reassurance. My appetite is finally coming back and I’m starting to get very hungry at times, it comes on all of a sudden and I have to find something to snack on quickly. I have noticed my hair feeling thicker this time which I didn’t last time but my nails aren’t much different. I’m not sure I’ll ever feel like that ‘glowing’ pregnant woman but I still feel pretty good so that will do for me.

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