Arthur At 10 Months

November 22, 2014


Dear Arthur

Sometimes you seem older than just ten months, it a lot of ways it feels like you and Brandon have always been here, always been part of our family. You came along and fitted in so perfectly I struggle to remember a time before you. You are such a happy little boy but have a softer side to you too, you like to have me all to yourself and could happily be cuddled all day. Your smile is sweet and infectious, you smile so often.

You love cuddly toys and are always trying to get Lucas’ teddies all to yourself. You rub your face into them and give them a big hug. One of your favourite things to do is empty bags and boxes, all the toy boxes get emptied regularly as you sit and throw each item over your shoulder one at a time. As soon as music comes on you dance and swing your arms from side to side like you just can’t help it.

You crawl so quickly, along our hallway you can really get some speed up! You can pull yourself up on the furniture but often can’t be bothered to unless someone is helping, instead you get up on your feet while crawling. When we shout hooray you throw your arms in the air and grin at us and you have just learnt to clap but you hold your arms right out to the sides to do it. Sometime you and Lucas will have a mad half hour and just chase each other all over the house. When something really makes you laugh you start to cackle as you are crawling.

You are never far from Mummy; you will sit in the kitchen and watch me as I cook tea and if I am not in the room you are always the first to come looking for me. Even when you sit playing with Brandon you occasionally come over and kneel next to me waiting for a cuddle. If one of your brothers takes a toy from you I always know as you wail and look for me. I love to have a cuddly little boy though and I wouldn’t change having you as my little shadow. You like to be close to everyone I think and chat to Brandon through the bars of your cots and reach for his hand, you like to know that he is close by. You give kisses and always giggle when Lucas comes and gives you a big squeeze.

Just the thought of you can make me smile, you face is so open with big brown eyes. Your hair is getting so long and curly at the back and when you grin you crunch up your arms to your tummy with excitement. I always tell your Daddy that we are so lucky to have two of the happiest little boys. To My Artie, my little beauty, you always make my days brighter.

Arthur 10 months

All My Love



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  • Notmyyearoff

    Awww be sounds so so lovely, especially with wantig to be cuddled. Z was like that. And still loves lots of cuddles even at this age when he’s not bouncing about.

    November 22, 2014 at 12:56 pm Reply
  • Julia @ rainbeaubelle

    aahh, what a lovely post, beautiful photos too xx

    November 22, 2014 at 2:01 pm Reply
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