Brandon At 10 Months

November 20, 2014


Dear Brandon

I can’t help but wonder how ten months of your life has passed already. Every week that passes you are doing more and letting more of your cheeky personality shine through. There are so many little ways that you make me smile each and every day and sometimes you only have to catch my eye and your face lights up with the most beautiful smile. I don’t know how we got so lucky to have such a happy little boy but I will forever be thankful.

Just this week you have started to pull yourself up to standing which you are loving as it means more is within your reach. Two top teeth are starting to push through and you love to wave at us and clap your hands. You climb all over us, or Arthur, or Lucas, if we sit on the floor and always try to get onto your feet, so proud of yourself when you are standing.

Now you are getting older you will play with more toys rather than just investigating. You just love cars, anything with wheels always gets your full attention and we often find you surrounded by vehicles. You have totally mastered crawling whilst pushing along a car and will even make ‘brum brum’ noises while you go. It’s funny that we have such a range of toys in the house but you are just drawn to the cars and trains.

You can be independent but every now and again you are ready to have a day of cuddles. You still don’t like anything too loud and when people get up to close to you too quickly you get upset. You do wind Arthur up by always trying to get the toy he is playing with but he is learning to stand up for himself so you won’t always get away with it. You love a game of peekaboo and will play for so long with Lucas as you both giggle away. You are a pretty laid back little guy and you love your sleep, even when Arthur is shouting away you can still sleep though it. You have the cheekiest little face, there is just so much mischief in you. When we are telling you not to touch something you will turn around and flash us your lopsided grin before trying to carry on.

Just looking at you sometimes makes my heart burst, your dark hair is starting to curl up at the back, you have such beautiful big brown eyes and a big dimpled grin. I love how easy it is to make you smile and laugh. Your giggles are infectious; I often find you and Arthur chuckling away just setting each other off. I love how you love your brothers and how you are so content, you always seem so happy just surrounded by family. I couldn’t have wished for two happier babies and every day that passes I just enjoy being with you more and more. To my B, my beautiful boy, you light up my days.

Brandon 10 months

All My Love




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  • Mini Travellers

    Hayley I love that you are doing separate updates. I wish I had done this, the first year of Izzy and Eve’s life is such a blur to me. I fed Lily, then Izzy or Eve, and then probably cried! This is fab.

    November 21, 2014 at 5:59 am Reply
    • hayleyfromhome

      Oh I don’t know how you did it with yours so close in age! At least Lucas was a little older when the twins came along! I think this is the first update I have done separately, it won’t happen every month but it seemed like they are getting different now so thought they deserved a little piece on their own 🙂 xx

      November 21, 2014 at 3:50 pm Reply

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