The Funny Things You Both Do {11 Months}

December 20, 2014


Dear Boo & Bear

I can’t believe we are here, a week off your first birthday. What a year and now I’m waiting to celebrate you both turning one, my beautiful boys who are no longer my babies but proper little people each with your own personality and charm.

You don’t look like babies anymore, you are so, so tall and you both have so much hair with adorable little curls at the back! You still prefer to crawl everywhere but have started cruising round the furniture too and occasionally standing without support before dropping to your bums. You never sit still, always reaching for something or on the go. You want to investigate everything which can drive me mad but I love that you are so inquisitive. There is so much chattering now and every now and again there will be a ‘mama’, ‘baba’, ‘dada, ‘nana’ but I am convinced your first word will be ‘No’ as it is all I seem to say all day. You are not satisfied to play with toys, you need to explore everything in your little world and you get particularly cross when we don’t let you.

This month you have been poorly and it is the first time since you were very little and you had the newborn sniffles. You have been so good really but it is hard on all of us when you both need cuddles. Hopefully though it is all out of the way now for Christmas and your birthday, it’s going to be such a busy time but lots of fun.

You play together all the time and with Lucas too; your favourite game is to hide behind the curtains and play ‘I See.’ This game can keep you entertained for so long and we end up with lots of giggles when you all get involved. You also chase each other around chuckling the whole time or play peekaboo over the bars of your cot. I love to hear you together and no one else can make you laugh they way you do when you’re playing. This doesn’t mean to say you don’t have your scraps, oh I certainly now about it if you are unhappy with each other, usually over a toy. Now you even shove each other out the way if you want to get what the other has.

You seem more identical now than ever before and one of you never does something without the other one catching up. You are practically the same weight and height and even your teeth have come through exactly the same. You hair is growing the same way and if you are dressed alike I have to look twice to see who is who. I don’t always dress you the same but there will be a lot of it over Christmas; I can’t help it as you look extra adorable.

When I look at the photo of you taken just after you were born in hospital I really can remember it like it was yesterday and in my head you are still those tiny babies. It’s only when I write these and realise everything you are doing I can see how much you grow up and how quickly you change. No matter how big you get you will always be my babies, you have made me and your Daddy incredibly happy, such sweet little boys. There will definitely be a bittersweet moment as you turn one and you grow more independent, so much has happened in eleven months and I cannot wait for the years to come with you both.

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All My Love




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  • Donna

    I cannot believe they are so close to being 1, they are beautiful boys and such a wonderful bond they share x

    December 20, 2014 at 9:12 pm Reply
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