The Funny Things You Both Do – 30 Months

July 6, 2016

Twisn 30 Months

Dear Boo & Bear

I don’t write these as often as I used to. I write so often about our adventures that I keep so many of my memories of you in there. I’ve just been back and read what I wrote to you both when you turned 18 and 23 months. So much has changed since then – especially how different you look. There is no baby squishiness left in you anymore, you have both shot up, all tall and skinny with crazy brown curly hair and the biggest brown eyes I’ve ever seen.

Even though you are my babies you seem to have grown up so much quicker than Lucas. You are both so quick to pick things up and are way too switched on. I’m constantly amazed by the things you come out with. Boo, I call you my little teenager, everything at the moment is met with ‘cos why?’, and you have a way of looking at me under your eyebrows when you are cross as if to let me know you are VERY unhappy. Bear, you are mostly laid back but when you are upset with something your whole body slumps and we see your bottom lip stick out, you can sulk with the best of them.

There are so many little things I wish I could capture about the two of you and how close you are. You are never far from each other and even when you squabble I never see one of you without the other far behind. When I hear you go quiet I know you’re up to mischief. You’ll run into the kitchen, grab a snack and both hide behind the kitchen door trying to keep quiet. As soon as you hear me coming you jump shouting, ‘sorry Mummy’ over and over, it’s so cute that you mostly get away with it! You always know when I am distracted and signal each other to go and do something you know you shouldn’t.

When we come into your room in the morning you are usually cuddled up in the same bed chattering or looking at books. You absolutely egg each other on though and some mornings we have come in to find your room completely trashed and you think it has been the most fun ever. We try to tell you off and we see you catch each other’s eyes and giggle hysterically, I have to bite my lip to stop from giggling with you.

The older you get I find that I dress you differently more and more. It’s hard to believe now that there was ever a time that I couldn’t tell you apart, you look so different to me now and I think your little personalities and quirks shine through so much that I see the differences all the more.

Bear, you are still so chilled out, you had a really whiny spell but I think some big teeth were coming through. We wondered where are happy little boy had gone but thankfully you seem to be back to yourself now, although if you are unhappy you are make sure everyone knows about it. Even though you are the quieter one you are the more confident in so many ways. You are always the one that will go off independently and try something new and you are happy to play on your own. You still love your Hoppity soft toy and he is usually with you as you carry him round by the ears. You are so loving and love little babies and animals, even ants and beetles get looked after by you. You aren’t as clear with your speech but we understand everything you say and you are so expressive. You like to make sure that everyone has something and when I’m cooking tea you often come in the make sure there is a plate for everyone. Your goodness shines through, such a special little boy.

Boo, at home you are the boss, the one who makes the rules but whenever we are out you take a little longer to feel comfortable. You love your cuddles and always want to sit on my knee as you twirl your curls round your finger. At night you need to be tucked in properly by someone and you seek out our affection so often. You must ask for cuddles a dozen times a day. You are also the one that likes to cause trouble and I can see that glint in your eye when you think you can tease your brothers! You chat away all day long and nearly everything you say starts with, ‘Mummy’. Your speech amazes me and you’ve picked up someone the funniest sayings like, ‘Are you popping out?’ and ‘Just a minute, I’m busy’ obviously things I say a lot. You love to dance and have the best moves and you like the draw, paint and colour. You are such a character, totally charming and such a lovable little boy.

Sometimes I rush through the days, I don’t get a minute, I feel like a referee and when you’re in bed I breathe a sigh of relief. Then when all is quiet I think of you and wish I could freeze time just for a bit. I have a just over a year with you still at home with me, even when you drive me crazy I try to remember that we won’t ever get that time back again. I hope we make some special memories and you look back and think of the fun we had together. I can’t claim that it is always perfect, we don’t always get to do the things I wish we could, but I feel like the luckiest Mummy to have been blessed with twins, especially two as beautiful as you.

All My Love



Boo 30 Months

Bear 30 Months

The Funny Things You Do Twins

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  • Krista

    Love this! I am in the process of working on a post for each of my kiddos and thought it would be great to come back and read later. Your post has totally just confirmed that x

    July 6, 2016 at 8:20 pm Reply
    • hayleyfromhome

      You definitely should, they are so nice to come back and read and see what they’ve been up to! xx

      July 7, 2016 at 7:48 am Reply
  • The Reading Residence

    So lovely to read. They really have shot up, two little boys rather than babies now. I love how different they both are to one another, bu both so utterly adorable x

    July 7, 2016 at 5:03 pm Reply
  • Memeandharri

    Oh Hayley they are so gorgeous. Harri is the same, she seems so much older than Meme was at that age. She is also three and I think it maybe my favourite age ( I do say this at every age though!) Xx

    July 7, 2016 at 6:00 pm Reply
  • Notmyyearoff

    Such a beatiful letter to your wonderful boys. They really have shot up so much and their personalities sound so lovely. It must be an absolute joy to watch them all day long (as well as a tiny bit exhausting sometimes :)). Hope the summer holidays are full of adventures x

    July 10, 2016 at 9:04 am Reply
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