My UK Holiday Memories

August 11, 2014


Sticks Some of my most cherished childhood memories are from good old UK holidays. My Nana and Grandad used to take me away with them and we’d have so much fun visiting local attractions, exploring a park, going to the beach, discovering a theme park or a farm. Even the simplest things are fun when you are young. I remember my Grandad taught me to fly a kite and even now when I see kites I think of him. I would love for my children to grow up with these happy memories too; there is so much to see around the UK which makes it the perfect place for a family holiday. You can visit places that are near the seaside, in the midst of forests or high up in the mountains and virtually everywhere has a new adventure to try out while you are there.

We all have things that we remember from our own childhood and I think these are the things that we are eager to recreate with our own children. However, there are always new experiences and new memories to be made which makes the UK Our Way guide a must read if you are planning a holiday in the UK. The 2014 guide is written by kids for kids which means it is full of all those things that children think are fun; so many of them are things that feature in my childhood memories! I think we can all remember stopping for fish and chips beside the sea or spending the whole day building an epic sandcastle (my husband did this only last year!)  It features the hottest list of top boredom-busting UK destinations and fun-filled attractions and it is handy enough for the whole family to use. If you need inspiration before you go away, while you away or even if you are looking for a fun day out the guide is sure to help.

I know that there are so many things I want my boys to experience as they get older and so many of them can be, and will be, achieved right here in the UK. One of my favourite holidays was only a few years ago, pre-children, in Cornwall. It was so relaxing yet I feel like we really made to most of being somewhere new; I will never forget spotting dolphins from Sennon Cove. It is one of the first places I want to visit with my boys, I know there is so much that they would love to see there as they get older. Maybe their memories would even fuel future adventures with their own children.

UK Beaches


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  • Donna

    We love Cornwall too, it has so many great places, beautiful beaches and perfect open spaces. It’s holidays in places like Cornwall that memories are made of x

    August 11, 2014 at 10:26 pm Reply
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