Festive Family Fun – Christmas Crafts

January 6, 2013


Sometimes I find it difficult to do creative and crafty things with Lucas as he isn’t always terribly interested but I really wanted us to do something fun together as a family. We seemed to do a few things for Halloween but I was struggling for a festive craft we could all do together.

Looking around some of my favourite blogs for inspiration I saw lots of hand print Christmas trees, each family had a different approach and they all looked great. This seemed like something we could all manage although the hubby looked dubious when I started squirted bright green paint into a tray. The key was it was something we could do quickly before Lucas got bored. He sat on my knee and we pressed his hand in the tray then on some white card; he surprised me and held his hand flat so we could press his little prints onto the paper. Once he was cleaned up, me and Daddy did our prints which was actually a lot of fun but of course I was instructed on the best technique to use to get the clearer print! I cut out the hand prints and stuck them onto Christmas tree shaped card, decorated it and it has proudly hung on out hall over the festive period. I have to say I was really pleased how it turned out and I love that we all had a little input in it, definitely a fun one to repeat as Lucas gets older.

As Lucas didn’t get to do much decorating of our hand print tree I cut out some mini Christmas trees and stars out of card and foam and let Lucas decorate them with some stickers. These turned out great too and we hung some in his play area, on the tree and at the back of the seat in the car. Gave him something festive to look at with all the car journeys over Christmas; a happy drive for us and some craft as a family.


Disclosure – I was compensated for this post.

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