5 Tips For Your Child’s Bedroom Design – Guest Post

July 26, 2016

One of my favourite rooms to decorate is a child’s room and with three boys I have plenty of opportunities to plan that perfect child’s bedroom. There is so much you can do with them and I like to let my imagination run wild whether I am just planning the decor or actually getting started on the project. Today I bring you a guest post from Maya Gardner with 5 tips for your child’s bedroom design. 


If you’ve had the joy of raising a young child, you know that it can be an incredible experience to make something special for him or her. Whether that means an elaborate birthday party once the little one is old enough to remember the celebration, a special family vacation, or whatever else, it may be, nothing quite beats seeing that look of discovery and wonder in your child’s eyes.

The tricky part, I’ve found, is coming up with ways to make that look stay in the child’s eyes! Coming up with a special experience is one thing, but devising something that continually delights your little one can be even greater. And one way I’ve had fun trying to do just that is through bedroom design.

This is the one space in the whole house that a child can truly call his or her own (or at least you can let them pretend that’s the case!). So why not make it truly unique and special? It’s easier said than done, but through research and experience I’ve put together five tips for how you might be able to make it happen, no matter what your child happens to be interested in.

Let Your Kid Do It

Surprise! You probably thought this was going to be a list of tasks for you to undertake while the little ones are out of their rooms now and then. To some extent that’s when a bedroom design will come together, but one of the best ways to make a child’s bedroom an incredible place is to actually let the child be the chief designer! There are some wonderful suggestions for kids’ rooms at House Beautiful, and the gist of them is that the child’s preferences should be priorities. Let the little one make a blueprint with you, and then bring it to life.

Find Art That Fits Interests

A lot of parents going about creating a special bedroom or unique living space for kids will start thinking outside the box and getting too creative. But sometimes it’s a simple approach that really works wonders in the child’s eye. For instance, one of the ideas put forth by House Beautiful was to find art that reflects your kid’s personal interests. Sure, that might mean you end up with a giant framed painting of dinosaurs on a wall in your home, but so be it! This can help transform the bedroom to suit a child’s exact preferences.

Install Cubbies

We don’t always think of children as enthusiasts for organisation, but in their own way many of them actually are. Or at least, they like having their own little compartments and cubbies to put their things in. And this is a relatively simple project that you can do on your own without any major purchases or design complications. You’ll just need some wood, possibly some painting materials, screws and a drill. The latter is the most heavy-duty requirement, though perusing some trade-rated Makita drills from Screwfix should give you an idea of what you’re looking at, and really it’s not so intimidating. These tools more or less do the work for you, and in no time you can create a personally crafted cubby system that will make your child happy (and subtly teach him or her some organisation!).

Find A Custom Bed

Some jobs can be done independently by you and/or your spouse, and often they’re the most appealing ones. For instance, finding and arranging art can be a pretty straightforward task, and as mentioned you can undertake a minor construction project on your own with ease. But sometimes you simply need to do a little bit of creative shopping to find that extra special touch to take your child’s room to new heights. One example of when this might be the case is with regard to the bed or bed frame you choose for your little one. I know I’d never thought of it before until a friend mentioned it to me, but there are actually a ton of creative designs for children’s beds, and you can view some wonderful bed frames at Cuckooland to get the general idea. Some of them have built-in storage, some have special themes, and some are merely comfortable and attractive to children. Installing one of these is simply a terrific idea!

Decorate The Ceiling

Finally, I’d recommend something a little bit playful: don’t stop at walls and furniture. Instead, look to the ceiling and keep in mind that there are all kinds of ways to liven up even this part of the room for your little one. This is a tip I’m borrowing from a list of fun design ideas from Home Design Lover, but it’s something I wish I’d thought of sooner! A ceiling design could mean anything from paint or wallpaper to special decals, or even a projection system spreading constellations across the room at night. But again, you can let your child decide on the specifics.

Have you had any similar design ideas that worked for your children? I’d love to hear about them!

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