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August 30, 2017

When we last decorated Lucas’ bedroom we purposefully kept it fairly theme free. He didn’t really have anything he was majorly into so we kept it bright and colourful with the idea that we could always add more themed products to it as he grew. Now he is about to turn six he has some very definite favourite films and Star Wars is right at the top of that list. Everything in his life is Star Wars and it would be lovely to refresh his room to reflect his growing obsession.

It’s still fairly neutral but it needs some fresh paint and I’ve been looking at Star Wars Home buys I could add to update it. There is SO much out there now, even compared to when I was looking a few years ago – everything from lampshades to rugs to blinds. With The Force Awakens being such a big hit I love that it is reaching out to a whole new generation and it means there is a real mix of great buys out there.

I think it’s nice to have a mix of the branded products alongside other bits and pieces that just fit in with the theme. Lucas is at the age now where he loves anything character themed so we’d have to have some big recognisable Star Wars things in there too. Here are some of my favourites – believe me, there is a lot to choose from out there. 


Storage Unit / Moon & Stars Stickers / Star Wars Bedding / Velux Star Wars Blinds / LED Ball String Lights / The Force Awakens Poster / Lightsaber Room Light

The bedding is a big one for us, he’s still has the original bedding from when we updated his room a couple of years ago and it is a little young for him now. I love this comic strip style bedding from George at Asda and it would fit in with what we already have in the room. He has a brightly coloured striped wall so we can get away with putting a few darker colours in there. 

We already have a vintage style framed Star Wars poster in the living room so I had a look around for a similar one and found this fantastic The Force Awakens one on Etsy. This would be perfect to replace the random magazine posters and stickers he keep putting up in his room, although probably wouldn’t stop him!

There are still a few big blank walls in the bedroom and wall stickers are a great way of using that space. I wanted something a little different from just plain stars and when I came across this giant full moon I thought it would be perfect. I think maybe a death star looming on your wall would be a bit much but this beautiful sparkly moon and little stars coming away from it still fits in with everything else and looks amazing too. 

The storage unit, fairy lights, blinds and the incredible lightsaber light would finish it off perfectly!

What do you think, is there anything else you would add to make it the perfect Star Wars room?

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