A Little Bit Lately #8

November 8, 2013


A Little Bit Lately 8

Please read my first A Little Bit Lately post to find out what these are all about, although I’m sure you get the idea. These have been inspired by Sometimes Sweet’s Currently posts so check her out if you like it!

I gave up on the third book out of my book jar, Making History by Stephen Fry, as I had just finished one Stephen Fry novel. I will keep it out to come back to but I was making slow progress and fancied something different. My next book out was Game of Thrones. I’ve been meaning to make a start on these for ages as we love the television series; so far I’m enjoying it and it’s been much easier to read that I thought it would be but maybe that’s because I have seen the show!


We are trying to work our way through some of the films we have on Netflix lists, so far we have watched The Expendables and Lawless. The Expendables was ok, mindless and easy to watch. I wasn’t sure about Lawless but agreed to watch it as the delectable Tom Hardy is in it and I actually really enjoyed it! I seem to have lost my tolerance for bloody violence though and I felt like hiding behind the sofa for some parts.


Listening To
I haven’t really been listening to much music at the moment. I always have music on when I’m cooking but it tends to just be on shuffle so I get a bit of everything. Every now and then my iPod throws out a Christmas tune but it’s too early for that yet, right?!

Spending weekends with my little family. I don’t get out as much in the week, I’m struggling to walk as far as I used to and I worry Lucas is getting a little cooped up. At the weekend we are able to get out somewhere different to walk and I know my husband can chase after Lucas or follow him around the playground. I can sit back and happily watch the fun. When we come back we have a warm drink, watch a family film and eat our tea together. When our twins arrive we won’t have as much time to do these simple things so I’m loving these little moments together while we are still a family of three.


Thinking About
Inevitability I have started thinking about Christmas! Our twins will be due around then so I’m trying to get organised early and buy some of our presents. Every year we cut back a little more on what we spend and try to focus more on handmade gifts or special traditions. This year I’m making a little Christmas Eve box for Lucas with his pyjamas and some arty bits in and we’re making up a little stocking to go on his bedroom door for Christmas morning. My mum always got us new pyjamas and my husband always had a Christmas stocking on his door so we’ve added a little tradition from each family. We don’t spend a lot on each other so I try and make my gifts extra thoughtful. What traditions do you have for Christmas?


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  • Morgana @ butwhymummywhy

    Thanks for the mention lovely.

    I’ve seen Lawless too, and mainly for the same reason you did! Tom Hardy *swoon* It is super grisly though and not a film I would normally watch.

    I love having little family Christmas traditions. We’ve carried on getting new PJs on Christmas Eve from the mister’s family and reading The Night Before Christmas from mine. xxx

    November 8, 2013 at 5:33 pm Reply
    • hayleyfromhome

      I think all the ladies must have watched Lawless for Tom Hardy, it’s worth getting through the grisly bits! Very sweet to read The Night before Christmas…I did that too xx

      November 9, 2013 at 7:09 pm Reply
  • Morgana @ butwhymummywhy

    Oh and you are more than welcome to link up xx

    November 8, 2013 at 5:34 pm Reply
  • karen calladine

    I loved the Game of Thrones books, but haven’t seen any of the series yet.

    November 9, 2013 at 8:31 pm Reply
    • hayleyfromhome

      I’m really enjoying the books and I love the series so much, one of our favourites I would recommend it!

      November 9, 2013 at 9:08 pm Reply

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