Father’s Day Gift Ideas Under £15

June 1, 2016

Whenever me and my husband buy gifts for each other now we tend to have a spending limit. Often we only want little token gifts, something where thought has been put into it or it is useful. Father’s Day is no different and luckily I have no shortage of ideas when it comes to choosing something for my husband. Lucas will always suggest that Daddy would like some toys (and he isn’t wrong to be fair) but there are a few other things I know he would love to receive on his special day. I’ve put together some Father’s Day Gift Ideas, all for under £15 and hopefully there will be something for everyone here!

Father's Day Gift Guide

Book – Amazon £6.99 If in doubt, buy a book. I love buying books for people but you do have to know them quite well to have an idea about whether they’ve read it or not. This is one I bought for my husband last year and he loves is and assures me it would be a great gift. I have actually bought him a book for Father’s Day this year too but couldn’t put it on here in case he spotted it.

Bulldog Moisturiser – Boots £8.40 This is one of my husbands favourite brands for skincare. He will use mens skincare but doesn’t like to pay a lot for it and you can often find these on offer. This is a new one with SPF in, perfect for summer.

Sugru Starter Kit – Sugru £10.00 I was sent this to try out and it is amazing! I couldn’t save it for a Father’s Day gift as I wanted to try it out myself and I am very impressed. Sugru is a mouldable, colourful glue – a bit like paydough but it sets solid after 24 hours so you can use it to make hooks etc. I used it to make an iPad stand in the kitchen and it is fantastic. I can see it becoming quite addictive. We also want to use it to fix a couple of charger wires that are fraying but my next project will be these Lego men charger holders which I love! There is so much you can do with it – I think it would be a great gift for the man who has everything.

Personalised Father’s Day Card – Bow & Bell £3.50 These are really cute, I’ve bought a few personalised cards and prints from Bow & Bell and they are always wonderful. These cards have questions on the front for you to ask your child and fill in, all about Daddy. They’d make a sweet keepsake.

Bluetooth Speaker – Amazon £13.95 My husband isn’t really a gadget man but I had to include at least one techie product on here. I actually bought this bluetooth speaker recently and I love it – we pop it out in the garden on sunny days and just run Spotify or iTunes through it. It is much better than I was expecting for the price and makes a great, reasonable, gadget gift.

Navy Trilby – House of Fraser £15.40 My husband is a ‘hat man’ he already has dozens but will never turn down a new one. Trilbys seem to be staple in his hat collection and I like this navy one from House of Fraser – it looks lightweight and summery. It is just slightly over budget but this was my favourite and I’m the one who generally has to look at them.

Kalamazoo Beard Wash – Lush £6.75 This beard wash from Lush can actually be used as a facial wash too – so even if you aren’t buying for a beardy man it can still be useful. I buy this for my husband whenever I am treating myself to a few new bath bombs. It keeps his beard soft and manageable – or so I’m told.

Star Wars Lego – Amazon £11.83 Lastly, as Lucas always requests toys, is Lego. Lego and Star Wars and I know I can’t go wrong. He will usually build them when the boys are all in bed so he can build in peace and then they are kept on a shelf only to be played with under supervision.


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  • Notmyyearoff

    My hubby would love anything Lego or Star Wars. I’ve not even thought about Fathers Day yet. I really need to get a move on!

    June 3, 2016 at 11:03 am Reply
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