I Heart Autumn

September 23, 2012


I’ve seen a few posts floating around about Autumn and the changing of the seasons but I couldn’t resist doing one myself. I just love Autumn; I always liked going back to school, getting the new uniform, winter coat, shoes, stationary and pencil case. Makes me sound a bit nerdy but I guess I was! I’ve started to get our winter coats and woollies out ready. I’ve got Lucas some hats, scarves and mittens, wellies and the pram blanket is coming out of the wardrobe. Boots and tights are making reappearances, and I’m browsing through all the lovely knitwear when we go shopping. I always feel like buying new things in Autumn, I think it must be the back to school attitude! Lucas has got new long sleeved tops and cord trousers, cosy jumpers and fluffy socks. I’m looking at new bags, coats and boots all in gorgeous warm Autumnal colours.

My winter pyjamas are out and although we have pyjama days all year round in our house, the cooler weather seems a good excuse to do it more often. It’s so nice to have a day in when it’s raining outside and just snuggle up all cosy to watch some films and play board games. Luckily, Lucas is quite happy with this arrangement too and I’m still training my husband. Hot chocolate is starting to creep back into my life and I love long hot baths when you’ve caught a chill from being outside. I’ve also rediscovered warm squash, does anyone else drink this? My Nana used to make it for me when I was a little girl and Lucas and I are becoming partial to a glass on a chilly day. I’m in an argument with my husband over when to put the heating back on regularly and get the winter duvet out. He says I’m nesh (soft) but I love to be all toasty and warm.

We went for a lovely long walk this week, it was a bit chilly but the sun was out. While we were out I spotted a boy out of his pushchair with his grandma, wandering round staring at the floor under a tree and I realised they were looking for conkers! This set me off on a hunt for a horse chestnut tree. It’s still a bit early and all the trees I found where near schools so I suspect they have been plundered already. My Mum used to take me to the same horse chestnut tree every year and collect conkers. It was hidden away on a country lane so there were always plenty; I am in fact thinking of going back this year with Lucas and seeing if I can get some from there.

Seen as I couldn’t find any conkers I settled for collecting pretty leaves instead and I filled the bottom of the pushchair with them without really thinking what I would do with them. When we got home I ended up covering them in sticky back plastic, mostly to stop Lucas eating them, and we stuck them on the window with blue tack. They look very pretty with the light shining through, a little reminder of the change of the seasons.

I Heart Autumn


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  • Vicki

    Picking up the leaves & putting them up was such a great idea! I Love Autumn leaves. So pretty. This is my favourite season by far. The sun & crisp cold reminds me of my childhood too. John always collects conkers and pine cones (still a child at heart).

    September 23, 2012 at 10:17 am Reply
    • Hayley Smith

      I’m so glad you love Autumn too, isn’t it funny how we still collect these things when we’re older? I’ve got a box with pine cones and conkers in, I just like looking at them!

      September 23, 2012 at 9:21 pm Reply

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