Our Week That Was #5

October 1, 2012


Monday we had planned to go out shopping with Grandma and even though it was raining we still decided to go, at least we’d get some fresh air. It was nice to spend time with my Mother in law and she treated us to fish and chips for lunch. Tuesday we went to our playgroup as usual, the weather was still awful so I nipped to the supermarket for some comfort food and hot chocolate and we snuggled up all cosy in the afternoon and watched DVD’s.

>Wednesday was another miserable day weather wise so I made us some comfort food; blueberry pancakes for breakfast. I wasn’t prepared to spend the rest of the day hiding in the house so a made a quick call to my brother and he joined us for lunch in Ikea; Lucas loves the meatballs! I was also checking out Christmas presents for Lucas and I’m very tempted by the little play kitchen they have. He enjoys being in the kitchen with me when I’m cooking but it usually results in him clattering pan lids around him. I think it would be best for both of us if he had his own area in there. Thursday was a day that I was prepared to spend indoors so we chilled out, had a little walk to the park and had some lovely quiet time together. On Friday we were off to the library again for Read and Rhyme which I think Lucas is enjoying but he does occasionally see the doors and make a break for it; I hope that isn’t a reflection on the library because frankly, I love it there. There was a definite nip in the air when we were walking to the library and I’ve got our woolly scarves and mittens at the ready!

On Saturday we popped into our local town for the Viking Festival that my husband had been excited about for months. We were also looking after our nephew and it was lovely to be out with the two of them, if not a little nerve wrecking for us. I was so pleased with how well they behaved; no tantrums and they even had a cuddle when we were shopping. Some friends called round on Saturday night which called for some drinks and a curry and a good catch up. On Sunday my husband had some work to catch up on so we spent the day at home but had plenty of quality family time with lots of chuckles. We were all feeling a bit under the weather so it was nice to relax and enjoy a day together with nothing in particular to do. That was all our adventures for this week, our week that was.

Our Week That Was 5


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  • Jenny Paulin

    awwww that photo of the two boys sat in the trolley together is sooooo cute`! they seem to like each other a lot, and i am pleased for you that they were no trouble!
    We bought Burton a play kitchen for his 2nd birthday and he loved it – still does as does Jenson too. i would say get him one – its great to see what creations they ‘cook’ for you! xx

    October 5, 2012 at 11:39 pm Reply
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