Our Week That Was #6

October 9, 2012

I’m a little bit late with this week as I had a little operation on Saturday so this will be a short and sweet ‘Our Week that Was.’

Monday and Tuesday were quiet days, we went to our usual Tots and Tinies group on Tuesday which Lucas is settling into and I’m enjoying getting to know some other parents there. On Wednesday my Nana came to visit us so we had a nice lunch with her and a good catch up. On Thursday I was on a mission to get birthday presents, there seems to be a whole load this month and I knew I had to get them sorted before I went into hospital. The shops are starting to get a festive feel now, reminding me that it isn’t too long until I need to start shopping for another big event in December (I won’t mention it yet!) On Friday morning I finally got my library card so I picked up some books for Lucas and I’m looking forward to more visits to the library. Friday evening, my mother in law had invited me to a fundraiser for our local breast cancer unit. It was a ‘Strictly’ themed night and I had a great time, it’s very inspiring to be around so many positive people. My mother in law was diagnosed last year, is in the last stages of treatment now and is doing really well, she also looks fabulous with or without her wig!

Saturday was the day I’d been dreading; I was having my gall bladder removed. I discovered I had gallstones after having Lucas and the operation has been in the pipeline for a while. You’ll be pleased to hear that everything went fine and I was really well looked after by all nurses. It was keyhole surgery so I was able to come home the same day. Lucas has been shipped off to both sets of Grandparents while I recover and I am finding it so difficult being in the house without him. We are so lucky to have family close to help but I feel like a part of me is missing and I can’t even explain to him why I can’t pick him up and give him a big cuddle. On Sunday I was good and had a rest while Lucas went to my Nana’s 75th birthday party. I’m trying to rest up as much as I can in the hopes I can look after Lucas again sooner rather than later. I’m feeling so much better each day and hopefully we’ll be back to our normal adventures next week.

Our Week That Was 6

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