The Toadstool Christmas Wishlist

November 24, 2013


Having recently discovered The Toadstool online toy shop I was excited to see their Big Christmas Blogger Competition.  This has given me the perfect excuse to have a good mooch round The Toadstool website, create a Pinterest board and try to narrow down a few that we would love for Lucas. Lucas turned two in August and with another two boys on the way I’ve been much more concious this Christmas of choosing presents that will last and be durable enough to stand up to three boys. I have always loved wooden toys but they appeal to me even more now as I really want to invest in the perfect playthings that they will all be able to enjoy for many years!

Toadstool Wishlist

I couldn’t do a wishlist for Lucas without including something to do with trains. Last year we bought him a small, cheap wooden train set to see if he took to it. A year on and it is out and played with nearly everyday so I think it’s about time I upgraded as I can see this being something we will be able to add to every Christmas. It will be a great present that my boys can share. I love this Brio Wooden Trains – Farm Railway Set (1). It would be a great starter to a better quality wooden train set and the farm theme would be perfect for Lucas’ age.

If you read my blog regularly you’ll have heard me talk about Lucas being a slow developer with his speech; this has been on my mind when buying toys and I like to find things that encourage speech and role play. We have a play kitchen for him and I love to add little bits and bobs to it encourage imaginative play; this Plan Toys Tea Set (2) would be brilliant, what child (and Mummy) doesn’t love an imaginary tea party?!

Another toy I’ve been keen to add to our Christmas gift pile are some building blocks. They are wonderful for inspiring imaginative play and another toy that’s will be great for speech development as we can chat about what we build. There is great range to choose from but I really like the Haba Discover Technics Blocks (3). I can imagine that Lucas would spend so much time creating with these.

The Wonderworld Rainbow Sound Sensory Blocks (4) look amazing and I’ve had my eye on them for quite a while now. I think Lucas is still at an age to get some good use out of them and they would be fabulous for two little exploring babies too.

I love the Janod Alphabet Beads (5). I have been looking for a threading toy to add to Lucas’ Christmas stocking and this one is just gorgeous. The alphabet letters really appeal to me; Lucas is good with problem solving and sensory toys. These beads are just fantastic for a sneaky educational toy.

As much as I know I could regret adding a musical toy they are superb for development and frankly just great fun! There were so many to choose from but my favourite is the Haba Metalophone (6), it looks colourful, hard wearing and I’m sure it will make a whole lot of noise too, maybe we can play learn a Christmas jingle!

So there you have it, a fun little wishlist for Lucas’ Christmas (and maybe for two more if they have arrived by then) from The Toadstool’s lovely online toy shop. If you are looking for some different pre-school toys then please stop by the website and make your own Christmas Wishlist!

This is my entry for The Toadstool Big Xmas Blogger Competition.



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  • The Reading Residence

    I absolutely love The Toadstool – the toys are fab quality and so many gorgeous ones to choose from. Liking your selections – best of luck x

    November 24, 2013 at 9:57 am Reply
    • hayleyfromhome

      Thank you, I was absolutely spoilt for choice! Had so much fun choosing our favourites xx

      November 24, 2013 at 7:05 pm Reply
  • Alexandra Mercer

    Those toys look fab.

    November 24, 2013 at 12:33 pm Reply
    • hayleyfromhome

      There is a great range and they look lovely. I struggled to narrow it down 🙂

      November 24, 2013 at 7:06 pm Reply
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