Living Arrows 23/52

June 9, 2015

imageI’m a little late with Living Arrows this week as I wasn’t sure which photo I was going to use. I ended up having an impromptu break from blogging last week so didn’t take quite as many photos as usual and a lot were just quick iPhone snaps. I must admit it is was quite nice just to take a few candid photos without having a blog post in mind! Having a look through my phone I spotted this one which I just love.

The twins were a little under the weather at the beginning of the week and little Bear had been disturbed early from his nap by Boo, usually they don’t wake each other up but as they weren’t very well they woke easily. We brought them both downstairs but he wouldn’t settle and had a little whinge on Daddy’s shoulder. We were chatting away and suddenly noticed he had nodded off, this hasn’t happened since they were tiny babies. One of the problems with twins is that you can very rarely let them sleep on you as there is another baby to look after too. I had odd snatched moments when they were small when they would nod off on me but it was never for long because the other twin or Lucas would need something. I always wish there had been more time for cuddles like this as it all passes so quickly.

Looking at recent photos of the twins you can see that they aren’t little babies anymore, they look so big and just today I was looking at their long legs filling the pushchair wondering when that happened. I love catching sleepy photos like this that take me right back to when they were newborns, I always think you can still see the baby face when they are sleeping, whatever their age.


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  • Katie @mummydaddyme

    Aw this is my favourite kind of moment. It’s not nice when they are under the weather but I love those sleepy snuggles that are so rare nowadays. x

    June 10, 2015 at 9:46 pm Reply
  • mummyofboygirltwins

    Oh bless them. Hope you’re all OK and everyone is better now. I find my cuddles getting rarer these days and it’s so sad! They’re too busy or on the go. I know what you mean about them growing up…Hubby and I keep saying it all the time. Lovely post as always Hayley xx

    June 12, 2015 at 1:37 pm Reply
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