Living Arrows 52/52

December 28, 2015

Living Arrows 52

The final Living Arrows of the year is here and I’m so glad that I got involved. I’ve missed a few weeks but having this collection of photographs from 2015 is just lovely. Going back over them and looking at each one I can still remember where we were when they were taken, what was happening and how I was feeling. It’s amazing to see how they have all changed over the year, highlights of where we have been and little moments I’m so happy to have captured. Each one is a little snippet of their childhood I’ll always remember

I wish I had one of all three boys together but getting a photo of them over Christmas proved impossible so I just decided to put the camera down and enjoy the days! As much as a love taking photographs sometimes you miss the real fun trying to get the perfect family photo…the outtakes from me trying to get a Christmas Even pyjama photo are hilarious, there isn’t one good one among them but they do make me laugh.

My final Living Arrows photo is one of Lucas outside the World Museum in Liverpool. For the twin’s second birthday we decided to trip into Liverpool for the morning, the museum was so quiet and we had a lot of fun walking round together. Lucas was skipping on the way out, it was one of the nicest days of the whole holidays and he clutched his brown gift bag with three bouncy balls in. It’s been so much more fun with them all this year, so much more that we have been able to do and enjoy. I’m so looking forward to capturing more Living Arrows moments in 2016 and seeing what the year brings.

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  • Vicki

    I agree about having downtime over Christmas & actually being present instead of living life through the camera lens or on your phone.
    Loving the living arrow roundup of all your photos. The boys have changed so much this year.

    December 31, 2015 at 3:11 pm Reply
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