Billington's Brownies

Billington’s Chocolate & Cherry Brownies {#bakeface Challenge}

November 30, 2014


Earlier this week we were sent a lovely hamper full of baking goodies so I could put my baking skills to good use and make some Billington’s Brownies. The hamper had everything I needed to make the brownies, I just needed to add my own eggs and butter. There was even a lovely apron, mixing spoon and silicone baking tray that was the perfect size for brownies. It must be a sign I am getting older that I enjoy receiving things in ‘hamper’ form, it caused a flurry of excitement in our household!

Billington's Hamper

Billington's Sugar

The Brownies are simple to make and the instructions are concise and easy to follow, you can find them here. I may have been slightly distracted once I clicked on the website as there is a whole host of recipes on there. Anyway, as suggested I used Billington’s Dark Muscavado sugar for the brownies which makes them rich and squidgy. They also advised to add Billington’s natural glacier cherries and as they were supplied I thought, ‘why not?’ Now, I don’t actually like cherries but my husband loves them, in fact he sampled a few before they made it into my brownie mix! These make the brownies a little more indulgent and it’s an extra treat (if you like cherries) when you take a bite. They cooked brilliantly in my silicone tray, I left them to cool and sliced them up. They came out just how brownies should look, crisp and crunchy on top and dark and gooey in the middle. I always take my brownies out of the oven when they are still a little soft under the crisp top layer; this usually cracks but I find that as they cool they firm up and become just the right consistency. Brownies are one of those cakes that are much better under done than over done!

Billington's Brownies

Billington’s are currently running a #bakeface challenge; they want to see people’s faces when they take their first bite of whatever delicious treat they have made using their sugar. With my camera ready I started the Brownie tasting; I must admit I did try some even though I am quite adamant in my dislike of cherries. I just couldn’t’ resist they smelled so chocolatey, while it didn’t taste bad it just wasn’t for me. My husband on the other hand inhaled a couple before I could even get his #bakeface photo. I have put some aside for my Mum and brother who I know will enjoy them just as much as he has. My husband is such good sport he is happy for me to post his #bakeface, afterall I did bake him brownies.


To take part in the #bakeface challenge yourself all you have to do is bake something using Billington’s sugar and the Brownies are super easy to make. Then take a bite, snap a photo and upload it to the website. Share your photo to get votes and what do votes make…prizes!

Disclaimer – We were sent a Billington’s hamper in order to take part in the #bakeface challenge. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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  • Sarah christie

    They looks so tasty and that an amazing idea a baking hamper , xx

    November 30, 2014 at 10:48 am Reply
  • Donna

    This challenge looks fantastic, I’ve never baked brownies before! x

    November 30, 2014 at 11:29 pm Reply
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