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Little Big Foot App {Review}

November 7, 2014


little big foot app

This week Lucas and I have been testing out the Little Big Foot App on our iPad. Every now and then we will spend a morning (while the twins are napping) on the iPad and I like to try and find educational games for us to do together. Little Big Foot is a perfect app for us; it is an interactive story aimed at pre-schoolers based around the character Little Big Foot. It is such a sweet story with a nice message; it held Lucas’ interest completely which quite surprised me and we were on the app for about 20 minutes.

On each page the text comes up and a very smooth voice reads the story. Usually one of the characters on the screen will be highlighted for the children to touch and animate as part of the story. You can turn the pages by pressing the arrows and go back to re-read a page if needed. Lucas chattered about things that were happening on each page and I was able to ask questions before we moved on. He really took in the emotions of the characters and could see when Little Big Foot was upset or happy.

Little Big Foot

I just adore the animation, the colours are bright but all coordinated which makes it easy to look at. It is a little quirky which I like and looks different to most other story apps I have seen. My favourite thing about the Little Big Foot app has to be the background music, it is so soothing and relaxing and it fits perfectly with the tone of the story. You’ll know yourself how annoying some children’s apps can be when the music is repetitive and super loud but I can happily listen to this and I was as eager to finish the story as Lucas. The whole app is totally charming and a great one for children to do with their parents. Lucas has chosen to go back on it himself which is usually a sign of a good children’s app and it is one I am more than happy to sit and listen to.

Little Big Foot app is available to download here and you can say Hi to Little Big Foot on Twitter. At the time of writing the app is FREE!

Disclaimer – I downloaded the Little Big Foot for free but did not receive any compensation for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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