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July 29, 2014



I’ve wrote a lot about the things we want to do this summer; some of it is indoor or garden fun but a lot of it is designed to make us get out and about more and push us out of our comfort zone. With our three little ones it’s all too easy to stay at home, it takes a good half hour to get everything packed and get us all in the car and then we have to fit in feeds while we are out, naps, entertain Lucas! Anything that can make it that little bit easier for us is very welcome.

Over the summer months we are going to be testing the new four position Ergobaby 360. I will do a full review next month but after a few weeks of trying it out I just felt like I had to share a bit of love for it. I was eager to do more baby wearing with the twins; I did a little bit of baby wearing with Lucas but the carrier I used wasn’t particularly comfortable so it never became a staple item. There are a lot of options out there and I wanted to make the right choice so trying out the Ergobaby 360 seemed perfect.

Right from the start I have found it simple to wear; it’s easy to follow the instructions and it feels so sturdy and padded. If I’m being honest I wasn’t sure the twins would take to it, I was a little sceptical but only because they aren’t used to being carried. I needn’t have worried, I had a try with each of them round the house and they both were very content, so much so that Arthur fell asleep almost immediately!It feels very supportive whilst wearing it without being cumbersome, I think after pregnancy us mums all have a few more aches and pains but I don’t feel any niggles while wearing the Ergobaby 360.

We’ve had some lovely walks with one of them in the carrier facing me but this week we went to Calderstones Park which has the most beautiful gardens so I thought I’d try out the outward carry then Brandon could have a good look round. I love that it gives him a different perspective and he can reach out and explore the world around him. I love to feel them close to me and hear their little gurgles as we walk round. I love that I can hold Lucas’ hand as we walk along with a baby close and I love that little extra bit of freedom (we are able to take our single pushchair out again!)

I’ll be sharing more over summer on social media and I’m looking forward to many more adventures with our baby carrier. You can learn more about Ergobaby from their twitter, facebook or by following #lovecarrieson

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  • Donna

    We are huge Ergo fans. Cannot wait to read more about your Ergo adventures 🙂 x

    July 29, 2014 at 10:20 pm Reply
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