The Toddlebike

June 13, 2013


Last month we were lucky enough to win a competition that the lovely Fiona was running on her Coombe Mill blog for a Toddlebike. I was so excited to win this prize as we don’t have anything like this for Lucas and the Toddlebike looked like a lot of fun! The Toddlebike is designed to be a pre-balance bike for ages 1-3 and helps to develop cycling skills for your little one; Lucas is 21 months so it is perfect for him.

It arrived all ready made and it is incredibly lightweight; we just opened the box and it was ready to go. We chose the primary coloured Toddlebike; it’s very sturdy but light enough for Lucas to be able to move it himself. It’s so easy to take out and about with you and even fits in the bottom of our pushchair  He immediately spotted it, quickly investigated and it wasn’t long before he was scooting around the house. He hasn’t quite got the hang of sitting on the seat yet and prefers to sit further forward but I’m sure we will get there. He has learnt to dismount it properly as at first he just leant over to put his hands on the floor and tumble off!

Sadly I haven’t been able to get a good picture of him on it indoors and he hasn’t quite got the hang of using it outdoors yet, preferring to just push it along but I’m hoping to be able to update you with some photos of him actually on it!

I would definitely recommend this to anyone with a toddler; they cost £23.95. I love that Lucas will be able to use it for a while yet and he will learn, as he grows, to get about on it.

Update with pictures of Lucas actually on the Toddlebike; we are starting to get the hang of it!


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