The Funny Things You Do – 13 months

October 4, 2012

My little boy has just turned 13 months and he really is turning into a little boy now. The baby features and habits are going and we have a toddler in our midst. I must see him do something new every day; sometimes he makes me laugh and sometimes he makes me want to scream with frustration. I’ll warn you now that these things may seem trivial to you but to a first time mum I spend a lot of the day fascinated.

>I love to see him learn things and I am constantly amazed by what he must have seen us do. Anything that is even vaguely phone shaped goes straight to his ear for him to babble to. When I put the shopping in the cupboards he ‘helps’ by running off with the spaghetti and stacking it in the pans. If I’m putting a DVD on he will toddle over to put it in and shut the door then clap his hands in delight at completing his task. He knows when the doorbell sounds that there will be someone at the door (and an escape route).

He now brings things to me when he needs help and gazes up with his expectant face and an expression so full of hope that my heart melts. Sometimes it can be a toy, usually a puppet that he wants to play with or his Postman Pat van that he has wedged something in. He brings me his shape sorter to hold so I can show the appropriate amount of glee when he gets a shape in. At this point he usually looks around the room with a big grin on his face to check that other people are pleased with his achievement. Occasionally I get brought a packet of food he has pinched out of his bag or even worse an empty packet of chocolate buttons at which point I try and show him there is no treats left in it, much to the disappointment of both Lucas and me. Inevitably I get things he shouldn’t have, such as my pot of Vaseline which he wants me to open so he can stick his fingers in or my phone which he wants the cover off to chew; when I don’t meet his demands there are some tears until he spots something else to explore.

Although we are yet to hear a word from him he makes a lot of noise but only certain people are honoured with a discussions; he will stoop down in front of his cousin to look in him in the eyes and chatter to him. Our cat gets a similar treatment (much to her horror) and all cuddly toys are turned round so he can impart his wisdom face-to-face

It’s so difficult to explain how it makes me feel to see him becoming an independent person; I am such a proud Mummy whenever he does anything new and I feel it is extraordinary. I am starting to see aspects of his personality that gives me clues into what he will be like as he grows up. It makes me so happy to see him enjoying himself and investigating, exploring and learning. I also know that there is so much more to come, lots of good and some bad too I’m sure but I can’t wait.

The Funny Things You Do 13 Months

The Funny Things You Do – 13 Months

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