The Funny Things You Do – 14 months

November 29, 2012
Lucas 14 Months

We are right on the cusp of 14 months as Lucas will be 15 months in just a few days time but this little boy keeps me so busy I barely find the time to write about all the new and amazing things he is doing. I’ve just read back my last 13 month post and it seems so long ago. When I’m with him every day I don’t always spot the little changes in him like others do but when I come to write these posts I start to think about how much has changed, even in just a month.

I see more of his personality every day and although I find him very easy to look after I do have to say he can be a bit of a grump. He is so determined to do something independently and if you try to help him with it he’ll just start all over again on his own. I’m starting to get some tantrums now when I tell him no, but he does at least stop doing what he was doing and they don’t last for long…yet! He has always been so independent but this last week he has become more clingy. He used to go off at Tots and Tinies without a backward glance but now he checks to see where I am. Sometimes in the day he’ll come and cling round my legs wanted me to hold him and we go and have a little cuddle on the sofa. A few weeks ago he never sat still long enough to be cuddled. I love this side of him as he becomes more affectionate but I also want him to be outgoing and independent  A friend who has a boy a week older than Lucas has said he is doing the same and won’t let his Dad put him to bed; I think this might be a phase so I’ll enjoy the snuggles while it lasts.

He absolutely loves his cuddly toys and one usually comes with us wherever we go. Flavour of the month is Fox (we are so creative with names), who came with us to my Nana’s at the weekend; he held him by the neck and showed him round the room. Fox was shown the television, the door, the chairs, the fireplace all the while Lucas was obviously telling him about all these things. He seems to particularly enjoy showing Fox the outside world and will stand at the patio doors with him for ages; holding him up against the glass and chattering.

He loved to sort and stack things but mostly household items rather than toys. While I’m getting dressed in the morning he sits on the bathroom floor and stacks our toiletries or takes my bracelets in and out of an old jar that I keep them in. It amazes me how long he can be fascinated with a little task like that.

He is also getting quite sneaky and has begun to realise when he is doing something we wouldn’t approve of. He constantly tries to drink his cousin’s juice, even when he has the same thing in the same cup and more often than not he will guzzle the whole thing in one go so I tell him no, take the juice away and give him his own. Now if he spots his cousin’s juice in the room he will have a sneaky look at me to see if I’m watching then grab the juice and make a dash for the corner of the room, hiding behind the sofa with his prize. It’s so hard to keep a straight face, especially with his Grandma chuckling away!

We are yet to get any proper words but we are starting to get certain sounds for different things (hooray!) and he knows some words we are saying. Me and James were feeling quite smug as we called out bath time he would head for the baby gate at the bottom of the stairs; this probably lasted about three weeks and now he runs away and tries to hide so we won’t take him up to bed.

The outside world has become a source of endless fascination. I’ll let him walk with me round some of the park now and he just wants to break free and explore; I can feel him tugging at my hand when he spots a dog, or a goose or even a pile of mud or leaves that he wants to go and walk through. Whenever he steps on something that feels different he does a little jig; my mum calls it a champion little dance.

The time is flying by and when I look at him now I can’t believe he was the same little baby that I was holding in my arms this time last year. I don’t think I will ever get bored of watching him learn new things and he makes me a very proud Mummy.

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