The Funny Things You Do 19 months

April 20, 2013

The Funny Things You Do 19 months
Dear Lucas

Mummy is starting to get a little behind with these as the months are just flying by, it will be your 2nd birthday before we know it but here is you 19 months update! So many new things to talk about this month; even in the last couple of days you are changing and growing up. You pick so much up from watching us. I’ve started to notice that your sounds are sounding much closer to words and when we are reading you point at things and look at me to hear the word. You have learnt a few new words and we are nearly there with sheep, socks and shoes and you make noises for animals. You also like to say ‘Whereisit?’ in all one word; this is something you must hear me say a lot! Last week you were running round the house saying ‘Whereisit, whereisit?’ over and over; finally you got out the word cat and I could help you look for Jess. When we show you something new and exciting you point and say ‘Wowww’ in a tone of wonder and amazement.

Your favourite thing to do at the moment is to try on everyone’s shoes, boots, hats, gloves, scarves; nothing is safe. You have discovered Daddy’s dirty gardening gloves and insist on wearing them around the house; you hunt them out whenever I put them away. Your wellies are now permanently in the living room because they are the only shoes you can get on yourself. I can always hear you stomping around the house in your wellies.

We have had so much fun in the garden now the better weather is here and you just love to be outdoors, getting your hands dirty and playing in the fresh air. I can’t wait for our garden to be finished and we will have lots of fun in the summer months. We’ve put a swing up which you love but seem to enjoy pushing your teddies just as much as us pushing you; when you see the swing you say ‘Weeee,’ the sound we always make when we are pushing you.

This is such a fun age for us all, you are starting to be able to communicate with us and you seem so pleased when you can. We spent some time with our friends this week and you had no hesitation in grabbing someones hand to show them where you wanted to go.  We are so proud of the little boy you are becoming, always smiling and friendly to everyone and a joy to take out visiting. You sleep like a dream at night but daytime naps are still a battle, I’m sure you’ll be ready to give them up young and it will be a relief for all of us.

Things are changing quickly and I’m starting to think about when you are older; I am really treasuring this time as it will never happen again but you will always be my little boy.

All My Love

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