The Funny Things You Do, Boo {18 Months}

July 3, 2015


Boo 18 Months

Dear Boo

You are now eighteen months old, a big milestone for us all and it has really crept up. I wonder where the time has gone as I still have such strong memories of holding you when you were tiny. However, I love how much fun you are at this age, so inquisitive and always learning new things. The world is full of things that amaze and delight you and it is amazing to watch you explore.

You are such a little character, a little shy and quiet but also so full of mischief and stubbornness. If you want to do something you are determined to do it and nothing we say will stop you. We have had the odd full on tantrum when you throw your self to the floor but as this just makes us laugh they don’t last long. You always like company and don’t often like to play on your own, you will often stop what you are doing to come up and sit on our knees or go up to people with your hands up to be lifted; you definitely love the cuddles.

Certain things really make you chuckle and your giggles are just uncontrollable! It can be the strangest thing that sets you off but once you get going it is the best sound. Whenever Twirlywoos comes on you dance in circles around the room before cuddling up next to me to watch it. One of your favourite tricks is to walk around backwards, giving us a cheeky grin and giggling when you bump into us.

You are also vehicle obssessed, anything will do but you are particularly drawn to lorries and car transporters. We have quite a large toy car collection but you have certain ones that you have to carry round with you and if you see Bear with one of them you will sidle up to him with another toy to swap, you drop it in his knee and as soon as he’s spotted it you grab the one you really wanted. I’m sure he knows exactly what you are doing but he is quite willing to indulge you.

Your favourtie word is ‘gone’ everything is ‘gone’, when a programme finishes or when Daddy goes to work, when you’ve finished your food or if you’ve thrown a toy, you say it over and over. You’ve also learnt tractor this week which you are enjoying showing off and we get a ‘Nanu-Nanu’ for the Fire Engine.

Nearly every day this week we have been in the garden which makes you so happy. I have to watch you as you keep trying to walk down the slide, or I find you picking up the flower pots and swishing your hand around the bird food. I can’t help but smile when I see you out there as you just want to learn about everything and I think you have finally realised that the soil is not for eating!

You love your food and you love your sleep. You will try any food that is put in front of you and if you don’t like it I know you really don’t as you wouldn’t let it go to waste otherwise. If we have a packet of something open you fit as much as you can into your hands before it is safe to eat it. You sleep so well…as long as Bear is sleeping next to you. If we put you up for a nap without him you just will not settle but if he is there, even if he is chattering and shrieking you will be fast asleep, spread out in the cot next to him.

You really are so full of fun and you love to get stuck in and explore new things, in some ways you are so adventurous but in other ways you love your comforts. You always need to have someone there you can run back to and share things. You love to show us things and talk about them and we often get a little giggle from you if you catch our eye. At night before you go to bed you will grab my hand and put in on your cheek while smiling. I love to see your face light up when you grin and giggle. It makes me feel like the luckiest Mum alive to watch you having fun, my beautiful Boo.

All My Love




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  • Donna

    Oh they are so similar but with their differences too. Such a gorgeous photo x

    July 3, 2015 at 10:30 pm Reply
  • Mary @TheHeartyLife

    What a gorgeous pic! It made me laugh about throwing a toy and shouting “gone” haha x

    July 4, 2015 at 8:22 am Reply
  • Potty Mouthed Mummy

    Oh this is lovely, the last paragraph almost made me weep a little. I adore reading letters from parents to their littles, so full of love xx

    July 4, 2015 at 9:50 pm Reply
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