Today You Are One

August 30, 2012


One Year Old

Dear Lucas

A whole year has passed since you came into our lives, today you turn one. Everyone said that it would fly by and it has. My beautiful boy, you have turned our world upside down in the best possible way.

This past year has been amazing, challenging, exhausting, emotional and it has made both me and your Daddy overwhelmingly happy. All of a sudden you have grown up and you are no longer our baby; you are becoming a proper little boy and I couldn’t be more proud of you. I wonder what we did before you came into out lives. I know we slept a lot more!

We have so much fun, all three of us (four if you count Cat, which I’m sure you do). Not a day goes by when we aren’t chuckling about something. Now you are walking you find it so funny when Daddy chases you, especially when he catches you and spins you round. You laugh so hard  and we can’t help but laugh along with you.

As you’ve grown up you’ve started to come to me for cuddles, which I love. You also like to be close to us for reassurance if you are unsure of anything, although once you’ve decided everything is okay you’ll go ahead, only occasionally checking we are still in sight! You can be quite cautious unless you know someone well; then you quite happily chatter to them and bring them your treasures.

I think you have enjoyed your birthday but sadly you have been a bit under the weather and teething. Even with that you have been so pleasant and had a good play with all your new toys. You are very like me and Daddy and don’t like a big fuss so I’m not sure how you’ll cope with your birthday party on Saturday but everyone is looking forward to seeing you! As usual, I’m sure you will charm them all.

Happy Birthday Lucas, this has been such a special day for our very special little boy and I look forward to many more.

Today You Are One
All My Love
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