24 Funny Things You Do (That I Love)

August 30, 2013

Dear Lucas

Today you turn two; I never want to forget you at this age so here are 24 Funny Things That You Do (That I Love):

  • You dance (spin round) to any kind of music that you hear. It can be something on TV, music from the iPod, Daddy playing the guitar or just one of us singing.
  • I love how you raise your eyebrows to try and keep your eyes open when you are trying to stay awake.
  • That you love books and you will sit quietly with a book on your own or bring them to us to read. Reading books with you was something I dreamt of while I was pregnant and I love to cuddle up every night at bedtime and read a story you have chosen.
  • The way you hold your cheek out when we say ‘kisses.’ At bedtime you have started to pat my back when I say ‘I love you’. I am taking this as ‘I love you too Mummy’.
  • You talk to your toys when you play and make them talk to each other. 
  • You love your family.
  • Your chuckle when something makes you laugh is so carefree and infectious.
  • Your love of hats, any hat will do but they are particularly special when they are either Mummy or Daddy’s.
  • The animal noises that you come out with when we read together; I particularly like your snapping crocodile.
  • You love to play outside and get dirty; you have no hesitation in getting mud everywhere!
  • I love your gorgeous hair, at the moment it is an amazing multi-coloured blonde but I suspect you will go darker as you get older.
  • That you add several sets of eyes and mouths to your Mr Potato Head and get quite cross when we try to put it right.
  • You ask to be lifted up when I say you can choose a film to put on and it is always either Toy Story or Puss in Boots. 
  • That you will play with our hair when we give you your bottle. Whether it is me or Daddy you will grab a fistful of hair. If it’s Daddy you will sometimes just got for his beard but if it is me you will tickle it across you face while you drink.
  • You won’t share cake
  • You have started to make us cups of tea from your little kitchen and we have to sit and drink them; several cups that you re-fill. Sometimes we are given it from a spoon too.
  • You always try to put on other people’s shoes, sometimes over your own shoes if they are big enough!
  • You are so stubborn and so independent and even when it drives me to despair I still love it. It is great that you will go and play happily without needing me with you, you don’t even look back when we go to your playgroup but you always know you can find me if you want me.
  • You call our cat Weegoo (her name is Rio).
  • When you are enjoying your food you make yummy noises and rub your tummy.
  • When we say babies you point to my belly and if we show you the scans photos you will say ‘babeee’ I don’t think you understand what is coming but hopefully it will prepare you for meeting your two little baby brothers.
  • You remember games that we have played and we have to recreate them. You will drag out your box of playmobil grab my hand and then point to the floor and say ‘there’ for me to sit down. Daddy gets the same treatment with the train set.
  • You will eat any fruit under the sun, we have yet to find one that you don’t enjoy. I love that I can fill your plate with fruit and you will gobble it all up
  • I love that you are mine and you make me smile every single day. We are so proud to say that your are our little boy, undoubtedly cheeky but charming and loveable in every way.
Happy Birthday Lucas

All My Love

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  • Karen Calladine

    What a lovely post. It’s such a magical age.

    Karen x

    August 30, 2013 at 10:03 pm Reply
  • vicki

    Loved this post Hayley! Can’t believe Lucas is 2 & what a gorgeous happy little boy he is. He is a credit to you both xx
    I am looking forward to seeing his big boy room.

    August 31, 2013 at 11:01 pm Reply
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