The Big Slide

August 1, 2014


Lucas has always been outgoing, it’s not often that he would stop to think about what he was doing, he would always just go for it. As he gets older though I can see the fear start to creep in as he realises that things can go wrong or that he can get hurt. Things that he once did with such reckless abandon (as I shout ‘careful’ in the background) become things that he needs to give some more thought to before he’ll give it a go.  Somewhere along the way, slides became one of his fears. I don’t know what happened but he suddenly refused to go down slides, even ones he had previously thrown himself down without a care in the world. He’d get to the top even and sit down before deciding at the last minute that something was too risky and back out, I’d never seen him have a bad experience on one but obviously he was spooked.

This weekend we went to a different park for a picnic and of course we had to have a go on their playground. I spot a big stand alone slide in the middle of the playground and thought Lucas would stay clear but he happily runs up to it and places his foot on the bottom step, looking up at me for permission. I swiftly nod at him not wanting to spook him and refrain from saying anything as he climbs the steps. Once he reaches the top I fully expect him to decide that the slide isn’t for him and we’d have to rescue him from the steps. Of course these children of ours are always there to surprise us and he sits down and pushes himself off before we even have time to reach the end of the slide. At the bottom he immediately jumps up and runs round to do it again; this time I catch his huge grin as he swooshes down and I watch as he quickly heads to the steps again. There is absolutely no trace of fear, no worries or concerns and again he becomes my fearless boy. I watch again and again as he rushes down the slide letting out a whoop as he goes.



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  • Sian

    Aww he looks so pleased with himself too! xx

    Quite Frankly She Said – UK Lifestyle Blog

    August 1, 2014 at 1:08 pm Reply
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