The Funny Things You Both Do {Eight Months}

September 26, 2014


Eight Months


Dear Arthur & Brandon

I feel like this last month has been one of the best and this age is definitely one of my favourites. All of a sudden you loose the newborn ways as you start to explore the world around you. Both of you have started sitting up and crawling although sometimes you prefer to commando crawl. This has meant that you are into EVERYTHING! I can’t remember if Lucas was like this but you are so inqisitive and you always want the things you shouldn’t have; if you spot a toy you will just move past it to reach the more interesting shoe and then chew on that. Arthur you have started to pull yourself up on things and now Brandon you are learning how to do it too, one of you is never far behind the other. You chatter away constantly, I suppose because you have each other to talk to. We’ve had to drop your cots and you love to reach to each other through the bars and giggle away. You make up your own little games which make you laugh hysterically, it is so fun to watch even though we have no idea what is going on.

You both have one bottom tooth, the same one, through now and there must be more on the way because we have had some terrible days with teething. It is so hard to comfort both of you but on the whole you are still very good, just the odd moment when it can all get a bit much for everyone! Brandon you are happy to entertain yourself and always seem to be content and calm. Arthur you have learnt that you would like to be held all day and you certainly let us know when you aren’t getting what you want. Unfortunately Mummy is very busy and as you have a twin brother as well as an older brother I’m afraid you don’t get all the cuddles you want all day but you definitely still get more than your fair share. If Brandon catches on to your game I’m sure he will be trying to get in there too so watch out!

There are so many things you do each day that make me smile. I just love to watch you interact with each other and you learn things so quickly. I had been tickling you both with a pink craft feather and later on that day I find that you were playing with it yourselves. Arthur you had hold of it and were running it over Brandon’s head, I knew something fun was happening because I could hear all your chuckles.

This month big brother Lucas has started nursery and I think it has been good for all of us; you love your time with Lucas all the more and we get to have some playtime (or cuddles Arthur) together in the afternoon which is amazing. We have never really had that one on one time before. As soon as I sit on the floor to play with you Brandon will give a big grin and wriggle with excitement. Brandon you are so full of smiles, always ready to give a big grin and your whole face lights up. Arhur you have started to do a little dance for us, as soon as you learnt to sit yourself up you would sing a ‘ba ba ba’ song and wave you hands bobbing up and down. Now whenever anyone sings we see you doing your little dance. This has been quite useful as I mixed you up last night and put you in the wrong cots, suddenly I see you doing a little dance and I realised I had you the wrong way round.

It’s not often I mix you up and I can tell instantly who is who when you both smile; sometimes there is no difference between you and at other times it’s like you aren’t identical but I think that is just your personalties starting to shine through. This month has made me laugh so much, you get closer to each other everyday and even closer to Lucas who thinks it is the most fun to crawl round with you. I can see you all getting into mischief together already. I will be eternally thankful for having twins and having two beautiful happy boys has been everything we could have wished for.

All My Love



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  • Notmyyearoff

    They are so so adorable and I bet they must keep you properly entertained all the time with their little smiles. Their dances sound so cute too. They’re going to just get faster aren’t they? 🙂

    September 27, 2014 at 9:17 am Reply
  • Donna

    I can’t believe they are so big already. The months have flown by/ Having twins must be incredible – such an amazing thing to watch them both bond and develop side by side x

    September 28, 2014 at 8:37 pm Reply
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